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Captain Marvel 11

Captain Marvel #11

Story by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela

Art by Filipe Andrade

Review by Mara Whiteside


You know all those Internet rumors about the cancellation of Captain Marvel? The editorial team reassures readers that Carol will continue to star in her own series for many more stories. This news comes at the heels of yet another great book from DeConnick and her talented team of comic book writers.

Carol is hospitalized after her fight with Deathbird in last month’s issue. The doctor urges Carol to take it easy; if she continues to fly, the tumor in her brain could continue to expand and cause a brain hemorrhage. Carol loves to fly. If there is anything that readers can take away from the first arc in the series, it’s that Carol lives to fly. Asking her to stop flying is like asking her to give up being a superhero – flying is so engrained into her personality, it’s not even a consideration. It’s only through pleading that Carol takes the doctor’s orders to heart.

As Carol learns to deal with her newfound loss of powers, the man pulling Deathbird’s strings orders her to deliver a package. While not much is revealed about this man in this issue, we get the feeling that he is intimately familiar with Carol’s life and who matters to her. This could mean trouble for her friends and neighbors.

Captain Marvel #11 does a fantastic job of continuing the day-to-day story that was started several issues ago. What once was a simple to-do list is now a convoluted list of problems and concerns with no solution in sight. Coffee with Jessica? Now it’s trouble with a T-Rex cloned from one in the Museum of Natural History. Meeting with Frank? Now it’s an issue of Carol’s endurance and well-being. If anything can be learned from Carol, it’s that we shouldn’t expect our days to go as planned.


There’s no doubt that Carol has a serious fan base. Just check out Carol Corps on Tumblr. Look at the love Kelly Sue DeConnick has for people who love reading this series. Once you read an issue of this series, you understand why people want to dress like her and participate in the Corps. Carol is an inspiration to all readers, male and female, and encourages people to be true to what you love and dedicated to those you love. Give this series a shot and see what people are talking about.

10 Responses

  1. Bob Reyer

    Thug #2: “She said you can’t fly!”
    Carol: “I can’t…but I can still fall pretty well, I bet.”


    A wonderful review about an issue encapsulating all that has been great about Captain Marvel since it’s launch! Folks, I know I sound like a broken record on this, but this is a title that deserves a wider audience due to Ms. DeConnick’s deft balance of human and super-human elements, and a lead character of great depth.

    For new readers, Issue #9 begins this arc, and serves as a nice jumping-on point to the current action!

    Keep ’em flying, Mara!
    ps) As a very late aside, I’ve just read (and enjoyed!) your Wonder Woman/Amazons piece. If you get the chance, I’d love to chat about it! rrr

  2. James Hammond

    If someone asked me 2 months ago what I read I would say I’m strictly an image and valiant reader.

    Now I’m also reading Captain Marvel, Red She-hulk, Fearless Defenders and uncanny X-force.

    I’m blaming you and Bob Reyer for this and I thank you, James

  3. Christian

    I have really been liking the art by Filipe Andrade, it really fits this story arc so very well. The art feels like it is in motion which is not something that all books can say with such ease.

  4. Luciano M

    I with Ethan who wrote into the show this past week. The art here sucks not wasting $3 on it maybe if it changes I”ll consider giving it a try.

    • Joey Braccino

      Bummer! As Mara suggests in the review, this is an incredible character-centric story! But preference is preference. I believe Andrade is on Captain Marvel for one more issue before DeConnick takes the good Ms. Danvers on a crossover event with the cast from Avengers Assemble (and, by extension, a new artist)!!!

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