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Dear Shenani-Girl,

Why the hell is Marvel printing so many issues of a comic, like All New X-Men? This kills me as it keeps me from buying several other of their comics, like Thor or Captain America, because I am not going to stop getting my Green Lantern or my indie comics. I even wrote a letter as a reader to Marvel along with which of their comics I have taken off of my pull lists and which ones I am considering taking off my pull list because there are too many issues.

I think that this is bad policy as it stops me from branching out into other comics they print out of fear of them printing several issues. Argh.

-Christian Støa



Thanks for writing in again! I agree with you… to me, this is a bad move on Marvel’s part. It would be one thing if each and every X-Men and Avengers book had a different team, but there’s overlap in some of the teams and people who show up and the continuity gets a bit confusing. I find it hard to remember which book I actually read as the weeks go on and the fact that they come out twice a month makes it even HARDER.

Plus it’s a little crappy that some characters that could really hold up their own books don’t get a chance because Marvel is too busy flaunting 15 X-Teams.

The bottom line is this: they keep making a zillion X-Men and Avengers books because we as consumers keep buying them. Until consumers start putting their foot down on all of this, we’ll keep getting these titles over and over again. Sad, but true.

In the meantime, if you don’t want this sort of thing to keep happening, support other Marvel books with original ideas and good writing like Hawkeye and Captain Marvel. Then maybe upper management will take a hint.

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  1. thisjohnd

    I had to make a tough decision regarding my pull list but it has helped me out in spades: I refuse to add any title that double ships monthly. As a result I’ve stayed completely out of the Avengers and X-Men universes and I’ve been fine. I hear about what’s going on from the Talking Comics podcast. If I really want to desperately read a X-title or Avengers title, I’ll go with classic stories that I haven’t read or wait for trades.

  2. Bob Reyer

    Excellent points made here by all concerned!

    When we go over the sales figures, it can be seen how top-heavy the sales are weighted toward these double-shipped bigger titles and “events”, which is fine in the short-term, but as has been said, deserving smaller titles don’t get sampled and fall by the wayside, and in a related manner, if a reader grows tired of reading XMen as I did years ago, they may drop an entire “family” of books, and that money may not make its way to the same coffer!

    As Christian did, if you’re perturbed about this, write to the publisher and express your dismay, and following Shenani-Girl’s bit of wisdom as John was already doing, vote with your wallet!!

    ps) Even without double-shipping, DC isn’t immune, what with a baker’s dozen Bat-titles, and umpteen Green Lantern, Superman and Justice League books and their ever-constant “events” draining your comics budget! rrr

    • Christian

      The Green Lantern spin-offs are fine and I don’t so much mind the different books under several titles, like the Bat books. I can still choose not to buy a book and still be ok story wise, but not so much with double-shipping.

      Oh, I wrote a very nice long letter with titles I have dropped because of it and that I would not drop my other companies’ title in order to buy their books. I never got a response for that.

      • Bob Reyer


        It’s sad that Marvel wouldn’t respond to a letter from a customer about to drop their product! That is a sure-fire way to lose a reader forever!

        By the bye, I didn’t mean to imply that the “family explosion” at DC was as bad as Marvel’s heinous double-shipping ploy, just that in some ways it can have the same end result–readers dropping titles!


      • Christian


        Oh, I didn’t think you were saying it was as bad as Marvel’s double-ship. But, yes it does result in the same thing, I dropped a couple bat title (Dark Knight, Arkham Unchained) because it was just too much of the same.

        I was a little sadden that they didn’t even respond, but not sure what they can say. To be fair I wrote a letter to DC about their movie universe and never received a response back either.


      • Bob Reyer


        You would think that with the reduced state of the marketplace that every reader’s opinion would be appreciated, wouldn’t you?

        It’s not Stan’s Marvel anymore, is it?


      • Christian


        It is certainly not Stan’s Marvel anymore. But, to their credit they have been putting out a lot of really good books.

        I agree, I think addressing concerns of the fans would be something they should really at least address. A simple thank you for you letter would have worked for me. I am not expecting them to change their business method, but at least an acknowledgement would have been nice, this goes for both Marvel and DC though.

        On another note, I wrote a letter to Stan Lee’s POW! entertainment to inquire about any job openings and they did get back to me. So, that is certainly influenced by Stan.


  3. Jamxrunner

    I agree with all the points made here. I am a newer reader I started collecting comic books when DC’s new 52 came out. It was a lot easier to jump into the universe and read the books without knowing a whole lot about some C or D characters.

    Marvel on the other hand makes it impossible to start a new. I tried jumping on spider-man and it wasn’t terrible but I did find myself doing a lot of research to be sure I understood everything. And now I read mostly DC but the only two Marvel books I have are Hawkeye and Captain Marvel. The other books I tried to jump in but it is so difficult because I don’t want to have to buy 10 other books just to get one story. It just doesn’t seem like its worth my time or money. So until Marvel changes up things they will not be getting a lot of my hard earned cash.

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