Bloodshot #9 Review

Bloodshot 9 Variant
Issue #9 Variant

Bloodshot #9

Written by Duane Swierczynski

Penicls by Manuel Garcia

Inks by Matt Ryan

Colors by Ian Hannin

Review by Adam Shaw


It was back in issue six that Bloodshot first infiltrated the Project Rising Spirit base in order to recover his lost memories and find out who he was. With issue number nine we finally get to see Bloodshot and his team leaving the facilities, albeit failing their original mission.

This issue of Bloodshot reignited my interest and desire to continue reading the series, because it felt like stuff was happening. I don’t want to say that nothing happened the past few issues, but last issue felt a little wasted. Events from issues six, eight, and nine (remember seven was a flashback), could have been condensed down to two issues. I have a feeling that this was probably an editorial decision so they could have events lineup for the release of Harbinger Wars next month.

As I mentioned, stuff is happening in this book. There is a pretty kick ass battle with Bloodshot and Gamma that involves Bloodshot appropriating parts of his body to rebuild other parts. Gross and awesome all at the same time. The little psyiot kids show that they can be equally bad ass as well, as they come to realize Mr. B is not out to get them this time around. Kara also shows why she is a worthy character that doesn’t have to sacrifice her own convictions to contribute. She can stay the healer and let Bloodshot do the killing.

I found the reveal at the end of the issue to be slightly anti-climactic. It wasn’t really all that shocking, and just confirmed what many readers had been assuming the whole time. It will however be interesting to see just where Bloodshot falls in the upcoming Wars between PRS, Harada, and Stanchek’s group.

Garcia’s art in issue nine was a little inconsistent at times. We’d often get some nice detailed panels and line art, only to turn the page and see less detailed slightly wonky art. I had to go back to the front page and check that there weren’t multiple artists this issue. The battle scenes with Gamma were done well, and the grotesqueness of Bloodshot’s injuries is conveyed well.

The Verdict

Buy. It’s a decent jumping on point before Harbinger Wars and is packed full of action. The story progresses more in this issue than it did over the past several issues, so you definitely will get your money’s worth. Swierczynski shows us just how fun Bloodshot and these Valiant books can be.

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