Superior Spider-Man #5 Review

Superior Spider-Man 5
Superior Spider-Man #5

Written by Dan Slott

Pencils by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Inks by John Dell & Giuseppe Camuncoli

Colors by Edgar Delgado & Antonio Fabella

Review by Adam Shaw


Here’s the deal with Superior Spider-Man. I love it! I know a lot of people out there have been skeptical or have their misgivings with the book. It is by no means a perfect book, but after five issues Dan Slott has given us some interesting content to enjoy and muse over. Just like in Amazing Spider-Man we have a very character driven story.

Otto continues to show us in issue #5 that he is the superior planner when battling crime. In particular, I enjoyed how Slott had Pete’s consciousness crying out that Otto is doing things wrong only to find out Otto is saving lives, because he is steps ahead of Massacre. As I was reading through this issue the first time, I found myself slightly annoyed with Parker. Otto has proven several times that he is a planner and goes into battle prepared for the situation. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Perhaps the fact that I am reading through this issue cursing at Pete, and calling him Parker, shows that I am warming up to Otto as Spider-Man. Well, perhaps I thought I was warming up to him.

***Minor Spoilers***

Without spoiling too much, we are left to believe that Otto has crossed a line that Peter never would. Believe is the key word, as Slott has taken quite an equivocal approach in the closing dialog and narrative. Superior Spider-Man is full of that kind of writing, though. It’s a great way to get people talking and thinking about the book in between issues. Even with the ambiguity, it is clear that Otto has interpreted the “with great power, comes great responsibility” mantra to fit more in line with his own way of thinking. With absolute power, comes absolute responsibility may be a more fitting mantra for Spider-Man now. Is he still a superior Spider-Man after this issue? That’s what we need to wait and see.

The Verdict

Otto is continuing to develop his own methods, and with an ending that isn’t totally clear, I feel we owe it to Otto and Slott to keep reading. Slott is keeping character central in this tale of Spider-Man, and that’s where this issue pulls through. Do we really know what Otto did? Is he going to revert back to a super villain?

If you have been enjoying the ride so far, then you’ll want to buy this book. If you are still angry that Otto isn’t behaving like Peter, then this issue will probably upset you. Either way, issue #5 of Superior Spider-Man is shaking things up in a big way and should affect things to come.

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