Snapshot #2 Review

Snapshot 2
Snapshot #2

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Jock

Review by Adam Shaw


Andy Diggle and Jock’s entertaining and well-crafted Snapshot hit the ground running last month with an unconventional murder mystery. Diggle kept the pace moving last issue, and in issue #2 he continues to keep us engaged as he hits all the right beats.

Like any good comic I can’t give all the credit for creating such an engaging read to the writer. Jock, as usual, provides some superb line art and inks. I love the way Jock uses the negative space to highlight the characters and really bring them to the forefront. When needed he fills in all the environmental details, but only when it is relevant. Coupled with the lack of color the art works well with the story. It leaves our imaginations to paint in what isn’t there, just as we try to fill in blanks of the overall mystery.

Most of the questions and charades that arise in the first issue are answered here. They were just bread crumbs leading us to a larger more complex conspiracy. We are also introduced to another character that has become entangled up in this mess when Jake gets a call from Callie Twain, the daughter of the first murder victim. We have two characters caught in the same web for different reasons. One is involved because of a family connection and the other for pure shitty luck, but Diggle is able to create some good chemistry between these two seemingly different individuals. They each understand different pieces of the puzzle. It will be interesting to see how they work together as events unravel next issue.

The Verdict

You should be reading this! Buy Issue #1 as well so you can get the whole picture, not just a snapshot of the story (zing!). Diggle and Jock are hitting all the marks and firing on all cylinders. It’s only a four issue mini-series, but it’s going to be one hell of a fun ride!

One last note before I go. I was happy to see the overused and repeated placard jokes from last issue disappear… or did they? (Go back and check out the art!)

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