Batwing #18 Review

Batwing #18 Review

Written by: Fabian Nicieza

Art by: Fabrizio Fiorentino

Cover by: Fabrizio Fiorentino

Colors by: Pete Pantazis

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

Everything goes to hell for David and his alter ego Batwing in this issue. He gets shot by his childhood friend, Batwing’s secret hideout is burned to smithereins and Matu is badly injured. David gets fired from his job and everyone hates him even more.  What’s a fella to do?

Go on a quest to remember who he is and strengthen his resovle.  And when David comes out he’s ready to deal with his enemies.  Last time he brought a knife to a gunfight. This time, he’ll bring a bomb.

This is the second to last issue for Nicieza to write before the dynamic duo of Gray and Palmiotti take over, but I think he’s done a fantastic job so far.  I thought it was great to take away what little David has and to see him at his lowest point so far after trying to do the right thing, Nicieza has done a good job.  I think that this has been a great story arc and I’m looking forward to what happens next issue. I’m loving Fiorentino’s artwork .  The splash page was amazing as well as the cover art.


It’s a buy for me.  This series started off well and though it has had its meh moments, it’s not a book that’s trying to shoehorn diversity.  I know that this book has the potential to be great.

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