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Issue #71: March News Round-Up

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Emerald City Comicon was this past weekend and as a fast-growing show, a ton of fantastic comic book news was revealed. As such, we go over some of the big news to come out of ECCC as well as touch on some of the other bits of news that’s been dropped over the past couple of days.

For our Books of the Week, we talk about: Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, Masks #4, FF, Sensational She-Hulk, Journey Into Mystery, X-Men: Legacy, Nine Old Men, Nothing is Forgotten (, Hawkeye, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

After we say our goodbyes, we do a spoilerific talk about Batman Incorporated #8, so make sure you stay tuned for that. Well, stay tuned if you’ve read the issue and want to hear our thoughts on it, that is.

If you haven’t seen the latest Iron Man 3 trailer yet… we talk about that a little bit on the show as well, so check it out below and then listen to our conversation:

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
Steve: @dead_anchoress
Stephanie: @hellocookie
And Bob’s email is

FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

The Comic Book Podcast is brought to you by Talking Comics (, a blog dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. The editorial staff is composed of Editor-in-Chief Bobby Shortle (Fanboy Remix, Doctor Whocast), Stephanie Cooke (Misfortune Cookie) and Steve Seigh ( contributor) who weekly dissect the releases and give you, the consumer, a simple Roman yay or nay regarding them. Our Twitter handle is @TalkingComics and you can email us at

16 Responses

  1. nocommayes


    Steve stole the idea right out of my brain. I’ve been mulling over a world-changing multi-title crossover event called “DOWNTIME” which would just be all of the heroes hanging out and not fighting anyone. Not villains, not each other. I am- and now- now that you’ve said it in the podcast no one will ever believe I thought of it too.

    • Steve Seigh

      Mwuahaha! I’m in your brain meats, stealing all your good ideas. “DOWNTIME” sounds like the perfect title to a book such as that. It’s like I said on the show, some of my favorite issues are the ones where the characters are just sort of hanging around, getting into mischief or just taking a vacation. I think it would be fun, even if it were only a 6-12 issue series of different characters having the day off.

      If you haven’t already you should totally check out A + X #2. It’s got a short story featuring Rogue and Black Widow in it that is very much along the lines of what I was thinking. It’s just fun and funny all at once.

      • nocommayes

        I had actually envisioned it as a big retreat for all of the heroes, probably explained away by the same travel that allows the Reed family to take a four-minute field trip. Maybe there could even be a single issue titled “The Replacements” which features the C and D-listers who take over while they’re gone.

        I imagine it as one huge hangout, which would be interesting in seeing which heroes would hang out with who. A few other notes:

        -large chunks of book where heroes interact unmasked, which would prompt the use of artists who can differentiate between body-types, faces, hairstyles, etc. It would be fun if they would show up on the first page in costume with the caption [SPIDER-MAN aka PETER PARKER] and then have the caption reversed later, when the hero is in plain clothes.

        -moments of awkward tension between characters who have all slept with each other [it was bound to happen]. Ex. Black Widow and Daredevil, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, etc.

        -the need for action would be filled by vacation-type activities, so an Avengers vs. X-Men volleyball game, obviously.

        -as I said before, no villains. No heroes fighting heroes. All of the big conflicts being character-driven without falling into the chasm of moody or overbearing drama.

        I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

      • Steve Seigh

        Ha ha! I just saw this. Someone needs to give you a pen and a paycheck. I’m really liking your ideas. I would totally buy these ideas that you’re proposing.

  2. AboveAverageJoe

    Wow, I agree with Steph. Even if the book is garbage, because its Morrison + Big Event = Classic. Final Crisis proves that equation wrong. I will disagree with the Bat/JLA film discussion. Nolan is the only person who knows how to make a movie about DC characters. I also think people over analyzing the Justice League movie. If you have the Bat history and Superman comes after him then just add Wonder Woman and Flash, you will be fine. Just recast Hal.

    • thisjohnd

      I have to disagree that Nolan is the “only person who knows how to make a movie about DC characters.” I think Synder has a good grasp on DC characters as well. I might be in the minority here but I loved Watchmen and think that it could be used as a template for what the JLA movie could be. Watchmen introduced an entire team of characters and supplied just enough necessary backstory on each one.

      • AboveAverageJoe

        Snyder killed Watchmen with his ending. He got 85% of that movie right, but that last 15% is unforgivable.

  3. thisjohnd

    It’s fitting that the TC crew should bring up the Orson Scott Card controversy because I just read FF #4 and thought that there was quite a fitting line of dialogue from Turg. He says, “A date is for a mens and womens. Or mens and mens. And womens and womens.” Even a Moloid is more forward thinking!

    With regards to Flashpoint “explaining” the reason behind the new DCU, I have to say I just finished reading Flashpoint (just the mainline book, none of the tie-ins) and I was utterly confused as to why this “reset” the DCU. After reading the Wikipedia entry for Flashpoint I sort of understand it, but it still doesn’t make much sense to me why all of the heroes would essentially have no recollection of the prior events in the DCU (even though now we know that stuff like Batman’s prior history DID actually happen). It’s a good mini-series, but for me it doesn’t clearly answer the question of why the DCU got reset.

    As a final note, I’ll definitely be checking out Bob’s She-Hulk recommendation (as I quite enjoyed last week’s FF#4) and Bobby’s Superman/Batman read. I’m into Supergirl and Damien quite a lot lately so a team-up of the two sounds right up my alley.

    • Bobby Shortle


      You will have to excuse me since its been almost 2 years since I’ve read it, but I believe it’s pretty well explained that in order to save the world from the horrible place it has begun, Barry disrupts the time stream and while he is doing so Pandora changes everything, folding all the universes into one.

      Now again I’m going off fuzzy recollection, but I remember finding it pretty clear while reading it.

      It is really just those ending moments though, the rest of it is just a really clever alternate dimension story.


    • Bob Reyer


      FF #4 was a boatload of fun! For some further recommendations about the She-Hulk, (and as a bit of self-promotion!), might I suggest that you check out my new article spotlighting Marvel’s favorite SGF (Single Green Female)?

      Thanks for listening!

  4. ElSuperBeardo

    I love Suckerpunch… lol

    Another great podcast guys and Stephanie.
    I definitely agree with you guys about how a creator should keep their professional life and personal life separate, it seems to be a great way to unintentionally alienate a portion of your audience (current and potential) when you begin to spout off beliefs. I can’t stand entertainment where the creator pushes their own personal agendas or is so outspoken about something that it seems to penetrate any work they do afterwords (I’m looking at you Mel Gibson!) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…I just don’t want to hear it, and I commend this podcast for keeping it professional 🙂 just another reason why I eagerly listen every Wed at work.

    Keep up the FF push and I may just have to check it out at some point lol

      • ElSuperBeardo

        HELL YEA!! (not He’l lol) I loved the soundtrack, Panic Switch and I want it All are my favorites from it, I’ve daydreamed many epic action sequences with Panic Switch playing in the background

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