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All-Star Western #17 Review

All-Star Western #17 Review

Written by: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: Moritat

Backup Art by: Staz Johnson

Cover by: Bill Sienkiewicz

Reviewed by: Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

A new story arc begins with issue 17 of All-Star Western. In it we find Jonah Hex, and his ‘sidekick’ Dr. Arkham on a mission to find the kidnapped Catherine Wayne. All that stands between them and her are six blocks full of sick people who have gone mad. And when I say mad I mean zombie like mad.
The disappearance of Mrs. Wayne and the sick crazy people are all the result of one man. A man who should of died a long time ago but was saved and gained immortality only to become a lustful, power-hungry, greedy, evil man. Vandal Savage.  He has plans of his own for Gotham, sick twisted plans and that’s just the beginning…
Once again readers get to enjoy another backup story. This one introduces us to Jenny Freedom. She’s out to stop an evil crazy genius from assassinating the president. But first she’s got to defeat his army of mummies.
From the beginning I’ve enjoyed All-Star Western. I thought the last story arc was dragging and I was glad when it finally finished. This new arc looks promising and I’m excited to see what chaos Vandal Savage has in store for the city of Gotham.
Buy it.

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