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Issue #70: Comic Book Spoilers, Listener Feedback and the JLA

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With Stephanie off at Emerald City Con the Talking Comics crew once again welcome Rob Neumeyer from Tor Comics to the show.  Have you been spoiled on Batman Incorporated #8, well whether you have or not, don’t worry we won’t be revealing anything. Instead, we will be discussing the very idea of spoilers and what we think of them. Do we feel they devalue a story? What are some of the craziest tales we have of people spoiling things for us? We also take a chunk of time to answer your questions and read your emails, which includes a great query about the future of the Caped Crusader.

We start off that first part of the show with news of Greg Pak’s Superman/Batman, the new Green Lantern teams, and  the crew’s Books of the Week, which include: Daredevil #23, Justice League of America #1, Nova #1, B.P.R.D. 1948, Avengers and Saga.

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
Steve: @dead_anchoress
Stephanie: @hellocookie
And Bob’s email is

FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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7 Responses

  1. Luciano M

    I enjoyed the podcast today guys. Just a few thouhgts.

    First I don’t seem to have this problem. I must say I do not have tweeter and am on facebook and the internet in general not very much. I can’t remember the last time something was ruined for me especially comics.

    Second I think people need to make an effort to avoid them a bit. Bobby you mentioned your friend ruined Walking Dead for you twice and you were only 10 minutes behind. Why were you on the interent while you were watching the show in the first place. I am a big hockey fan but also work shift work so if I tape alot of games and I will not go anywhere near facebook or the internet until I have watched a game.

    I think a big factor is peoples addiction to the internet and social media. People lose there minds if they forget there phone at home or they can’t get s connection. I know people who are cosntantly on facebook and tweeter.

    There is also a window of time when it becomes fair game. I know these days people DVR alot and thats fine but if you are 3 weeks behind and something is ruined for you then thats your problem. I think about a week is fair but in that time you have to make the effort to avoid the internet. It seems unrealistic for people to constantly be on the internet searching for information only to get upset when they come across some that they don’t want.

    Its like stepping in shit at the dog park. You can get upset but its to be expected its the dog park after all. Of course thats bad etiquet but there will always be people who don’t scoop their shit and there will always be people who drop spoilers on ther internet. Just got to watch your step.

    • thisjohnd

      Luciano, how do you always manage to say what I’m coming here to say before I have the chance to do it?!

      All kidding aside, I agree with your entire post. I feel like a lot of people need to step back from their Twitter and Facebook accounts, especially during live events/television shows. For instance, I watch Walking Dead on the Monday after it airs, so I know to stay away from Facebook on Sunday night’s otherwise I’ll see posts like, “OMG THEY KILLED SO-AND-SO!” While it’s sad that it takes only a few words to ruin something for people these days, we have to also be held accountable for being unable to resist the urge to peruse social media at all times.

      My problem with spoilers comes when a post on a website uses the spoiler that I’m trying to avoid as the article title. I’m sorry, but “SPOILER: Spider-Man dies” is not an apt title for any kind of news article. Otherwise, I’m okay with spoilers existing as long as the thing has already happened. As long as you’ve seen something, whether it be a movie, TV show, or comic book that other people have had the chance to see, you should be free to talk about it however you like. But if I follow you on Twitter and you ruin Saga for me, I will find you, and I will kill you.

      I thought it was curious how Rob brought up the idea of checking out a book based on a spoiler. I do admit that I read a “spoiler” of who the new Ultimate Spider-Man was going to be and that got me interested in a book I hadn’t been reading. Now I’m reading that book monthly.

  2. Luciano M

    Lol glad we’re on the same page my friend. Also I agreed with you about sometimes spoilers being a positive way to get excited about a book. There is so much stuff out there that it can be hard to choose what to read. Sometimes finding out about a spoiler makes you go read something you may never have read but that you truly enjoy regardless of weather you already knew the result.

    For example I recently read the Thor omnibus by JMS. The whole thing between Iron Man and Thor made me want to read Civil War and seeng that Cap was dead made me want to hunt that story down. The fact that I knew this stuff did not take away from my enjoyment of either story but had I not had my interest peaked by what some might call spoilers I would never have bothered to go back and read them.

    • AboveAverageJoe

      You don’t want to read Civil War. It has these worst endings in comic book history mainly done to make Iron Man being right before his movie. Thor beating him down was much needed. Sadly, everything up to the end was absolutely amazing. That and Brand New Day has killed Marvel for me.

  3. Luciano M

    I enjoyed Civil War myself including the ending. Not familiar with brand new day as I am just getting back into comics after a while away. Really loving the new Marvel Now stuff.

  4. ElSuperBeardo

    I enjoyed the podcast (been playing catchup) and I agree that the spoilers of the world are fairly asshatty, but I could honestly care less if a comic is spoiled for me (although I won’t go all spoiler on someone) I buy my comics in trades so they have been out for quite a while by the time I get my hands on them. Love the podcast and keep up the great work!

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