Fantastic Four Fantasy Castings


Fantastic Four Movie Re-boot Fantasy Castings

Some quick musings by Bob Reyer

With Fox announcing a tentative release date of March 6, 2015 for the  Fantastic Four movie re-boot, it’s not too soon to dust off the old casting couch, and start throwing some speculation into the aether, if only to beat my colleague Steve to the proverbial punch! I’m sure that a lot of you have probably much better ideas than I do, particularly on some of the younger actors and actresses, and most certainly those in the Indie film community, but here goes nothing!

Let me just begin by saying that I picture  Reed Richards and Ben Grimm in their late thirties or early forties, with Sue Storm 5 to 8 years younger, and her brother Johnny a similar distance younger still. Of course, if producer Mark Millar and director Josh Trank decide to make this a 1960s period piece ala X-Men: First Class, you can throw my choices into a cocked hat! (…and if they had made this film 10 years ago, my perfect Reed  and Sue:  George Clooney and Charlize Theron!)

For Reed Richards, I would suggest (and I’m sure that I’m not alone on this one!) Jon Hamm of “Mad Men”:

 – O0O –  


For his fiancee, Susan Storm.  the lovely Rachel McAdams from “Midnight in Paris” and “Mean Girls”:

  – O0O – 

As her brother Johnny, how about Thor’s  “little brother”, Liam Hemsworth (“Hunger Games”)?

  – O0O – 

And as for Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew, Benjamin J.Grimm, the ever-lovin’,  blue-eyed Thing, my choice would be Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Watchmen”), whom I just saw be utterly charming and gruffly funny in “P.S., I Love You”, the perfect mix for ol’ Benjy!

 – O0O – 

Now, our Ben needs his Alicia, and I’d love to see Amy Adams, but she may be busy as Lois Lane;  however I’m not “settling” in the least if I cast Emily Blunt from “Looper” as the blind sculptress!

 – O0O – 

No super-hero is complete without an adversary, and if they are going strictly by the (comic) book, that first villain would be The Mole Man, who would have to be played by Danny DeVito, and thanks to Byrne Robotics for that bit of brilliance!


I don't look ahead. I'm right here with you. It's a good way to be. I walk into this beautiful, well-appointed office and there's Jim Brooks and a bunch

– O0O –

More than likely though, we will see Victor Von Doom,  from whence these casting ideas sprang today, having just watched “Django Unchained”, and thinking to myself how absolutely perfect Christoph Waltz would be as Doctor Doom!

 – O0O – 



However, the ruler of Latveria should be Reed’s contemporary, and as Mr. Waltz is significantly older than Mr. Hamm, if we go the younger route, a good choice might be Alexander Skarsgard from “True Blood”. (Maybe Latveria is closer to Sweden than we think?):

Before I go, my profound thanks to Steve Seigh for his fabulous job of selecting some great pictures for this piece!!

As I said at the top, I’m sure all you Gentle Readers have your own ideas about this, so please feel free to bombard me with them! I’m looking forward to seeing some great dream casts!

(Of course you do Robert dear, that’s because you won’t have to wade through the comments and the e-mails. He’s clueless about these things, darlings, but don’t fret, I’ll spoon-feed him the information in small doses so he doesn’t get a migraine!   Audrey)


soundtrack: This little piece was written whilst listening to “Ballads”, the hauntingly beautiful album by the John Coltrane Quartet.

15 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Fantasy Castings

  1. Great work Bob. I used to love the old casting calls in the Wizard price guides back in the day. This may have to be an ongoing feature here on talking comics. Hint hint.

  2. Luciano, my friend!

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Until you mentioned it, I had forgotten those Wizard articles! They were probably my favorite feature in that book!

    Let’s see, who could play Rocket Raccoon….live action?!?

      1. Sean,

        Fassbender, in the same way as “42”, is the answer to LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING!!

        Seriously though, he would be a great Doctor Doom, but he’s a mite busy forming the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at present!

          1. Ryan,
            Sadly, the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer cannot both be known at the same time in the same universe without causing a large spot of bother, namely the destruction of every thing we know!

  3. Rep,

    I’ve never seen them in the same place together, so one nevers knows, does one?

    (Of course, I thought that Linda McCartney and David Bowie could be one-and-the-same, too!)

  4. These are some great casting choices but I have to disagree with the casting of Jon Hamm as Reed Richards. As much as I like Hamm, I can’t see him as, in Bob’s own words, “the smartest guy in the room.” Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark or even Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner would run circles around the guy.

    My gut-reaction is to bring up Fassbender for the role, who I think would be nearly perfect but I know is tied to X-Men and wouldn’t be a good fit in the current climate. Unfortunately I don’t have a better option, perhaps Joseph Fiennes or Michael Sheen?

    1. John d.,

      Were you reading over my shoulder when I wrote this? Joseph Fiennes was on my “short list”, and just missed the cut!

      As with any actor, I believe that Mr. Hamm’s facility with dialogue will portray that intelligence, so it will be on the writers to give Reed Richards enough techno-babble about “The Negative Zone”, “cosmic rays” and “unstable molecules” to make it seem that he’s the most brilliant scientist on Earth!


    1. Thanks for your endorsement, Matt!

      My one caveat about Mr. Waltz would be his age, but I must say that if the image Steve selected for the article is a current photo, then he’s awfully well-preserved for 56, and it would only take a line of dialogue to cement the notion that Doom is a few years older than Reed–Voila>!


  5. Hamm would definitely make for a great enigmatic/secretive Reed. Danny DeVito and Christoph Waltz are two of my favorite actors, as well, and I’ve never thought about it unitl now, but they would make such fantastic respective villains.

    1. Ryan,

      Thank you very much for your endorsement of my picks, although as I stated, I am indebted to the good folk over at Byrne Robotics for putting Mr. DeVito’s name in my head!

      ps) Ryan, don’t tell anybody, but The Ultimate Question might be: “What do you get if you multiply six by nine?”
      (from Arthur Dent’s Scrabble tiles via the pen of Douglas Adams)

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