Birds of Prey #17 Review

Birds of Prey #17 Review

Written by:  Duane Swierczynski

Art by:  Romano Molenaar Vicente Cifuentes

Cover by:  Romano Molenaar Vicente Cifuentes

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

The new Birds of Prey team continues to get used to each other as Black Canary continues to hide her secret concerning her Canary cry in this new issue.  Last issue, readers saw the departure of Katanna and the addition of two new members to the team: the telepathic Condor and and the former Talon, Strix whom Black Canary doesn’t get along with.

This issue the team deals with the fallout of Canary’s powerful outburst as it results in Gotham City having no power. Starling decides to keep Canary’s secret for now but Strix discovers it.  Will she kill Canary or will she spare her? All of this is going on while the team is attacked by a criminal who’s exacting revenge.

This story in this issue was fast paced and the action was short and sweet. I like the inclusion of Strix on the team. It’s nice to see that there are two former Talons who are trying to redeem themselves and do some good. I wonder how long will Black Canary keep her secret from the team and also how long Starling will keep her own secret. Eventually secrets are found out so I’m looking forward to how that’s gonna go.

I’ve enjoyed this book it hasn’t been a huge hit out of the park but it’s been pretty stable. There will be a new creative team on this book so it’ll be interesting to what direction they’ll take the team in.


Buy it. Birds of Prey has been good. It’s not the best but it’s worth the buy.




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