Wonder Woman #17 Review

Wonder Woman #17 Review

Written by:  Brian Azzarello

Art by:  Tony Akins Dan Green

Cover by:  Cliff Chiang

Variant Cover by:  Cliff Chiang

Reviewed by Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

After a few years, Wonder Woman and War finally meet face to face…and nothing really happens.

Their conversation is subdued, and he insults her intelligence occasionally.  And that’s not all that didn’t happen.  The advertisement for this issue said that there was a betrayal coming…yeah I didn’t see any of that. I was hoping something exciting would happen in this issue and I was somewhat disappointed. This arc has been slow paced and I’m beginning to lose patience with it. I mean how many issues does it take to find Zola’s baby? It took them a couple of issues just to figure out where the baby is now how many more to get it back?

Okay now onto the stuff that I did like. Wonder Woman rehearsing her conversation with Zola and Hera was pretty cool and Orion calling Lennox “Lummox” was just hilarious. The First Born battle a gigantic shark was interesting. And then of course there’s Strife. Anytime she shows up it’s just awesome. She’s got a swagger about her that’s just cool.  I will say that Hermes showing up at the end and giving Ares a beat down with his claws was surprising and cool.

I love this series, I’ve been reading it since the first issue but this issue let me down. It wasn’t horrible it was just meh and I’m tired of meh and I want to get back to when this series was hitting it out of the park.

Verdict: It’s not an enthusiastic buy for me. But if you’ve been reading the series from the beginning then get it.



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