Morning Glories #24 Review

Morning Glories 24Morning Glories #24

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Joe Eisma

Colors by Alex Sollazzo

Review by Adam Shaw


We have come to the penultimate issue of what Nick Spencer is calling season 1 of Morning Glories, and it is setting up the finale to be pretty something pretty big, and hopefully revealing. Although the last few issue focused on the team of students Abraham sent to the Morning Glories Academy a few years ago, this issue shifts focus its focus primarily to Ike and Abraham.

The shift in perspective for this issue was a change over the past few, but it gives us a little more insight into the Ike / Abraham relationship. As with most issue of Morning Glories I would like to have learned a little bit more about whom or what Abraham is and what the deal is with his desert training camps. Spencer delivers a nice little twist at the end, which was cool, but still raises more questions than it answers.

I might not have cared for the cliffhanger personally, but it was a fitting way to lead into the “season finale” next issue. If you are going to provide any answers, then the finale is going to be the place to do it. I am hopeful that we will find out the purpose for the time shifting students and the role Abraham has to play in all of this, and not more questions about the academy, time travel, Abraham, readable blank sheets of paper, and the headmaster.

The Verdict

Buy It. It is 40 pages for four bucks. Even though Spencer is still presenting us with more questions, he is continuing to leak us some relevant back story on Ike and Abraham. This issue appears to be setting up the huge double-sized season one finale. Let’s pray that next issue can lead up to the hype that this and all the previous issues have been building towards.

Jumping On Point: Jump on at issue #26 (99 cent full sized issue) for the next “season” or jump back and pick up the trades from issue one.

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