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Issue #68: Comic Book Series and Characters We Should Be Reading

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Another week, another podcast. This week Stephanie steps out once again, and we are joined by the great Rob Neumeyer to talk about the comic book series and characters we are ashamed to admit we haven’t read and some that we want desperately to revisit.  Our lists include Sandman, Superman, Astonishing X-Men, and Garth Ennis’ Preacher.

As per usual though, we also discuss our Books of the Week, which has more or less evolved into a talk about the books we’ve read in general (love, hate or somewhere in between). Some of the books we talk about this week include: Snapshot, Green Arrow, Fearless Defenders and The Killer. We also answer your listener questions, weigh in on Geoff Johns leaving Green Lantern and our thoughts on the latest DC cancellations.

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
Steve: @dead_anchoress
Stephanie: @hellocookie
And Bob’s email is

FYI: the crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd. Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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3 Responses

  1. thisjohnd

    Ever since I started listening to the TC podcast I’ve made a list of titles mentioned on the show that sounded interesting, so my list of series’ I should be reading is ridiculous. I plan on taking whatever version of the list I have with me to various conventions in hopes to at least make a dent in that list with some TPB acquisitions.

    The topic of the show is slightly fitting given that this week I decided that in addition to my regular pull-list titles, I would give some other series’ a shot. So on a whim I bought Hawkeye, Avengers Assemble, and Scarlet Spider. Next week I plan on possibly picking up Daredevil and once the current storyline finishes, I might delve into The Flash.

    Now that I’m picking up even more books thanks to this show, I think the subject of next week’s show should be, “How to Trim Your Pull-List.”

    • Travis McCollum

      Yeah there are some really fantastic series out there that are definitely worth checking out. Astonishing X-Men is especially a favorite of mine. I could read that (at least Joss Whedon and Garth Ennis’s run) any day of the week.

      All of the ones you added are really great books. Discovering new series is always a treat I think.

      Ah…trimming the pull list. I have a longstanding history with that topic and all that goes into it (anybody who reads my Tweets would know that). It’s not easy but once you get it down to a system, it really works wonders…especially on the wallet.

      I’d love to see the TC guys (and gal) discuss that topic; I think it would not only be entertaining, but definitely beneficial to people who struggle with that, especially as new series are on the horizon.

      Oh and great show as always!

  2. Bob Reyer

    G’day, All!

    As the alter cocker in our little community, I’ve definitely struggled with the “cut-off” point on titles, particularly those that I’ve collected long-term, in some cases for decades! No one wants to make a “hole” in their collection, but once I found that I had stopped enjoying what I was reading, that certain books had become a chore to get through, I realized that I had passed from a “collector” who is appreciating the act itself, to an “accumulator” who was just filling boxes with stuff! Dropping books like XMen and SpiderMan hurt at the time (which was over 10 years ago!), but it freed me to try other, generally smaller titles that I actually had a blast reading, such as XFactor and SpiderGirl. With so much “inter-connectedness” today, it’s hard to walk away from a book, but it is liberating when you do exit something that is just wasting your time and emptying your wallet!

    My best advice is buy and support what you love, and it will sort itself out fairly quickly! I try not to go more than three or four issues on a new title without making a decision; sometimes it’s one as with the new Thunderbolts, although I didn’t follow my own advice with AvX (mostly for “podcast reasons”), but I’m on the verge of dropping Captain America, a character I’ve followed since his return in Avengers #4 back in 1963!
    ps) Travis, thanks for the kind words; and John, I promise that we’re not shills for the industry, we just love comics! The TPBs are your best value, and often the best way to read story arcs, too! rrr

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