The Fearless Defenders #1 Review

The Fearless Defenders #1

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Will Sliney

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Review written by Steve Seigh

Verily! As the Marvel Now initiative marches on, the time has come to sample yet another #1 issue in a seemingly endless onslaught of new books from the Marvel label. This time out we’re introduced to a brand new team of Defenders comprised entirely of female characters. Each of them a bad ass in their own right, The Fearless Defenders #1 introduces us to the first three members of this already diverse group of estrogen infused heroes of the comic book page. As Valkyrie bathes in the blood of her native Asgardia, she is suddenly called into battle after the ever-sassy Misty Knight, and adventuresome Dr. Annabelle Riggs, activate an ancient relic that calls forth a skeleton horde, born from the very bones of Asgardia’s fallen soldiers. As you can imagine, all hell breaks loose, and it’s up to these Charlie’s Angels of the Marvel Universe to set things right.

I dug The Fearless Defenders #1.  It’s very classic in its approach in a sense of that its tone and plot pull from several sources already popular in the comic book culture. It’s a little Indiana Jones with a healthy smattering of The Evil Dead mixed with almost 70’s vibe that fits perfectly within the Marvel universe. Now, I’m already a huge Valkyrie fan. Her thirst for action, regal Asgardian dialect, and ability to pound ale like the gods themselves have secured her as a joyful character to read for me in the past, as well as inside the pages of The Fearless Defenders #1. Cullen Bunn does an admirable job of calling forth her leadership prowess and desire to maintain the balance between Asgardia and Midgard alike.

Misty Knight adds a sense of snap and sharpness that balances out the more flippant attitudes of the books other two title characters. I’m pretty certain that this is my first exposure to her character and I’ve got to admit that I’m eager to learn more about her. I enjoyed that her personality was immediately defined by her words and actions, and that we also got to witness a display of her powers. Overall, it was a very welcoming introduction to her character for me, personally.  And as far Dr. Annabelle Riggs, I have a feeling that she is going to play a very integral role as this book continues to round out its wide cast of characters. So far, I would consider her to be the “Bosley” of the group and I’m anxious to see where her smarts and antics will land us in future issues.

So far, The Fearless Defenders has got a lot going for it.  It’s got a healthy dose of action, plenty of wit and attitude, as well as instilling in its readers a sense that things are just getting started. In my personal opinion, that is a winning #1 comic. I also enjoyed the thick line work of Will Sliney coupled with the deep color stylings of Veronica Gandini. It might not be the most feminine approach to a team composed entirely of female characters but it certainly comes off as bold, and more importantly, fun. I want to see some new locations in future issues as well as more action sequences as more and more characters are added to the roster. All in all, The Fearless Defenders #1 was well worth the wait as the book promises to showcase some of the Marvel universes most fearsome of female characters kicking ass and taking names. I’m on board for another issue without any doubt.


Buy it! The Fearless Defenders #1 shows a lot of promise and is off to a fun and saucy start. I have no doubt that there are many more adventures to be had as the series continues to round out its roster of female leads. The book also appears to be quite the passion project from writer Cullen Bunn, and knowing that he is truly invested in the book leaves me with a sense of excitement and hope for a great series to come.

* This review was written while listening to the album General Dome by the band Buke and Gase.

2 thoughts on “The Fearless Defenders #1 Review

  1. I also agree that The Fearless Defenders #1 was worth the wait. I did a little research on Valkyrie and Misty Knight before issue #1 was released because I didn’t know anything about them. I have to admit they are two badasses. I’m curious to see how well Dr. Riggs’ character is going to play out.

    I feel the kiss scene was a throw-in. It didn’t fit into the story at all. Other than that, I can’t wait to read more of this badass team. I’m sure it’s going to be around for a long time.

    1. La, I had a fair amount of fun reading the book. A few other people I’ve talked to didn’t seem to enjoy it as much but to each is own I guess.

      As for the kiss scene, I thought it was rather random but also showed signs of spontaneity from Dr, Rigg’s character. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a female character that’s a flirt, and in a book comprised primarily of female characters there’s sure to be more of that kind of stuff on the way.

      Marvel has a tendency to handle their homosexual characters with class (in my experience anyway), so I’m going to hold out before deciding whether or not it was a bit too much for a first issue quirk.

      Thank you very much for checking out my review. Happy reading!

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