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DC was in the news yesterday for announcing a new project, but today they make headlines for, pretty much, the exact opposite reason along with some shuffling of creative teams.

DC has confirmed that six titles are being canceled. Deathstroke, Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Savage Hawkman, Team 7, The Ravagers, and Sword and Sorcery all are getting the ax.

DC also announced some creative changes as well. Deathstroke and Team 7 writer Justin Jordan will be moving on to Superboy. Christy Marx (Sword and Sorcery) will be taking over Birds of Prey. Supergirl will get a new scribe in Michael Alan Nelson (The Ravagers).

While it’s a shuffle from one book to another for most of these writers who saw their books canceled today, a pair of books will be getting some help from indie creators. Ales Kot (Wild Children) will be writing Suicides Squad, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray will join Batwing.

There certainly is a lot of change going on at over at DC this year. What do you make of the news? Sound off below!

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  1. thisjohnd

    Obviously books getting cancelled is never a good thing but I wasn’t picking up any of these books and from what I heard, these cancellations certainly weren’t a surprise. It’s a shame Deathstroke is taking off–I’m actually quite enjoying his brief appearances in Arrow (sorry, Steve!). He seems like a cool character I could get into if he had a better book.

    The only book I’m reading that is effected by the change in writers is Supergirl. I’ve been enjoying the book a bit more than most people have during this H’el on Earth storyline so I’m going to continue to get the book through this change. But I never read Ravagers so I don’t know if this is good news for Supergirl fans or not.

  2. Samuel

    I was somewhat surprised by the cancellations of Ravagers, Sword and Sorcery and Team 7 as they are less than a year into their runs. But the first round of New 52 cancellations was prior to the one year mark. I read the first year of Deathstroke and really liked the Lobo issues, but I’m not particularly sad to see it go. And I cannot believe Hawkman and Firestorm made it this far.

    My biggest surprises were with the Superboy and Supergirl creative changes. Mike Johnson and Michael Green did such an amazing job with Supergirl. And they mentioned in interviews that they had a lot more stories to tell. And Superboy may have gotten off to a rocky start, but Tom DeFalco has really breathed new life into the title. At least in the case of Superboy, I know Justin Jordan is a good writer. I don’t know Michael Alan Nelson from anything except Ravagers #8. And that title just got cancelled. Not a good sign.

  3. Luciano M

    DC is weird. Team 7 has had 4 issue plus a 0. Don’t even green light a series if your not gonna let it get off it’s feet. Also Hawkman and Deathstroke should be two strong books for them but they have had a rough go, still why not give the books to a top notch writer to get them on there feet like they are doing with Lemeir on Green Arrow and Snyder on Superman. There most likely gonna be replaced with some crap no one will read.

  4. Travis McCollum

    The only ones I was really reading were Team 7 and Sword of Sorcery. Team 7 was good but I had the feeling (see my review of the first issue) that this series wouldn’t be long for this world and so now they have to rush into the ending, which we know from other series was the collapse of Team 7. I just hope they don’t biff the ending.

    Sword of Sorcery on the other hand was always a quality book, but the niche factor was evident and her inclusion in the JLD universe made it clear to me they were more than likely going to dump her onto the team, like they’ll inevitably do with Andrew from I, Vampire and like they did with Frankenstein. But I would love to see Beowulf get his own title, the backups were always highly praised among the people I know who read it. Plus with that many books gone and only two so far announced (unless Man of Steel is one as well), they’ll need more titles. Besides maybe Shazam, Beowulf seems like a pretty obvious choice, in my opinion at least.

    The other titles I figured would die, although I thought some would go sooner rather than now. Although I do think it’s funny that when you collect all 3 volumes of Deathstroke, it will have 3 different creative teams attached to it. Just something I thought was funny.

    In terms of the creative shifts I’m kinda eh across the board. Gray and Palmiotti on Batwing sounds interesting though.

    Also happy about Red Hood getting an annual. I do dearly love that series despite all of its hiccups.

  5. Karl

    My opinion….Deathstroke was never marketted correctly. He has potential to be a real badass…but thats just typical DC I guess…

  6. David Short

    You could argue that no comic is marketed correctly. Can’t just blame DC for not putting the word out there enough. That’s an industry thing.

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