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I Vampire 16I, Vampire #16

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov

Art by Scott Clark

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Review by Adam Shaw


It was a sad day this week when I picked up I, Vampire. I’ve grown to really enjoy this series. Knowing that when I finish an issue I am just a little bit closer to the end of the series brings a twang of sadness to my heart. The series has been full of fun, heart, and some “what-the-flip” moments. Issue #16 of I, Vampire continues this trend.

The story opens with Cain retelling his origin to the good guys. I was curious as to where he was going with it and how it would tie in to the main story at hand. I had to chuckle when Mary jumped in wanting to know what this had to do with anything. Team Mary’s further dismissiveness of Cain was slightly humorous as well, but his departure had me raising my eyebrows. I’m looking forward to see how Fialkov weaves Cain’s story into the overall big picture. Cain’s parting words definitely provide us with a little foreshadowing.

The Team Andrew side of the story was equally as intriguing, if not more so. We’re finally getting more of a look into what Andrew is looking for at the Van Helsing castle. A few new questions are raised, but a little more light is shown on what Andrew’s plans look to be. There is some serious stuff a brewing. Fialkov presents everything at a nice pace, and is able to inject just enough comic relief to keep the story light and fun.

I think my favorite part of this book is really something I don’t want to spoil for the other readers. All I will say is a familiar face returns to the pages of I, Vampire, and it is a welcomed return in my book. I’ve always loved the dynamic between said character and Andrew. With things ramping up on the last page, I cannot wait for the next ish.

Since Andrea Sorrentino left, I’ve felt the art has definitely dipped in quality. Issue #16 is a step up from the last issue, but the art is very inconsistent. That probably has to do with the fact that in addition to Scott Clark there are three additional artists drawing eight pages. The most consistency comes from Marcelo Maiolo and his colors.

The Verdict

Buy It. If you’ve been enjoying I, Vampire the fun continues in issue #16. Overly violent, sparkle-free vampires, ancient weapons, and the return of an awesome character all combine to bring a fun, boisterous story. Unfortunately, the art isn’t the best this series has seen, but with such an engaging and enjoyable story it can be overlooked.

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