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“World’s Collide beginning in The Unwritten #50…Tom Taylor and Bigby Wolf?”

That was the headline released alongside this teaser image for the upcoming 50th issue of The Unwritten. The mash-up was first announced during NYCC last year but more details, along with the image, were released earlier this week.

Bill Willingham, the author of Fables, had this to say about the event:

“It’s not a crossover, it’s an event, and it takes place entirely in The UnwrittenSome of the characters in that book are able to find their way into other worlds, places, and books. Starting with issue #50, for five issues, one or more of The Unwritten characters will find their way into the world of Fables. It doesn’t go well for everyone involved.”

The Unwritten #50 will be released in June.

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