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DC Comics Is “WTF Certified” In April


It was announced today over at Buzzfeed that DC Comics April month will now be “WTF Certified.” Besides including a fold-out cover, which will contain a spoiler for the issue on the other side, all of DC’s New 52 will ship with the label on the front cover. The reason for the gimmick is that DC is hoping to “leave readers in a state of shock” and no doubt stir up some controversy. This will be especially interesting as DC is slowly gearing towards its upcoming “Trinity War” event, which will debut this summer.

Along with the statement of “leaving the readers in a state of shock,” DC released seven statements that tease some of the “WTF” worthy things that will happen in April:

  • Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears
 One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely
 Some heroes change their colors and other change allegiances
 Pandora battles to the death
 A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind
 There’s a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods.
 One hero quits, and another hero dies

And that’s only seven of the fifty-two titles. It’ll be interesting to see what surprises await the other 45 titles.

DC’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras had this to say about “WTF Certified,” as well as the seven bullet points already announced:

“The theme of game-changing, upping the stakes for our heroes. This was a way to accentuate that threat or shocking moments in our heroes’ lives. What we’re doing with the covers is thematically linked to that. They will be page-fold covers; the covers will tell you a story. There will be an image that will crack the page fold, and as you open up the cover, you’ll say, ‘Oh, wow!'”

Also announced today, in accordance with “WTF Certified,” was the reveal of Detective Comics #19, which also happens to be Detective Comics #900 had DC stayed with the old numbering. Because of the momentous occasion, Detective Comics #19 (900) will be an oversized issue and feature an army of Man-Bats and a thing known as “The 900.” What it is and where the army of Man-Bats came from is for the reader to discover this April.

Harras had this to say about it:

“The concept of the number 900 is important to the story. It’s something that I think will take people a little bit by surprise of what it is, but it is the theme of the issue. It’s what Batman has to face. It’s definitely part of the story in a big way.”


What are your thoughts on “WTF Certified?” What about Detective Comics #19 (900)? How about guesses as to what the bullet points mean? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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