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Justice League Roster

Justice League Movie Lineup Revealed?

Written by Jacob Bryant

The Justice League of America movie, WB’s answer to Marvel’s uber successful summer flick The Avengers, may finally have its roster. The roster seems a bit on the light side and some of the Justice League mainstays for years seem to have been cut out if the rumor is to be believed.

According to Latino-Review, there will only be five members to make it to the onscreen JLA debut and they are unsurprisingly: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern. Notable mainstays that missed the cut were Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Hawkman although the site also claimed there could be room for one or two cameos in the movie.

At this point this is nothing more than a rumor but if it is true what do you think? Are you glad the film is sticking to a smaller cast for the first movie? Miffed they cut out a favorite of yours? Sound off in the comments below.

9 Responses

  1. Luciano M

    Well I think it has to be a small roaster as to many characters can kill a comic film (I’m looking at you Batman and Robin) . Also since they are not following the Marvel blueprint of developing these characters in there own individual films first, they are going to have spend a lot of time on character development within the JLA movie itself.

    As a comic fan I really hope this is a success but its hard to shake the feeling that it won’t be terrible. I hope I am wrong.

  2. NameitPurple

    It makes perfect sense to cut the roster a little. If WB are going into this without any individual “set-up” movies apart from Man of Steel (as it seems everyone is obsessed with following “The Marvel Model” right now) then I can understand their reluctance to try to fit too much/many origin story into a first film, possibly to the detriment of the story. The one plus that WB have going for them going into a Justice League movie is that I think they have more iconic characters and could get away with less backstory anyway (Batman and Superman’s origins are pretty much part of the public consciousness by now, Wonderwoman will be vaguely familiar to most, and, turd though it was, Green Lantern has had a recent movie outing). They should have to do less groundwork than Marvel arguably had to do before setting up the Avengers. Unfortunately, given their track record, I remain cautious about the quality (again see recent GL for good reasons), but I would dearly love to see this done justice (pardon the pun) on the big screen.

  3. Jacob Bryant

    For me I’m more disappointed in the lack of Green Arrow. Arrow is fine and all but is it to much to ask for a goateed Green Arrow in a live action film?

  4. Karl

    Like it was said…Superman and Batman DO NOT need a back story. Green Latern doesn’t need his done over either. Show Diana’s and the Flash’s and move on. And bring back Ryan Rynolds. He wasn’t a bad GL….just suffered from bad dialog and a crappy story. Two back stories is enough in a film to keep it flowing. If people really want Supes, Batmans or GL’s back story they can rent the movie. Also I suggest cameo’s from atleast Martian Manhunter…and maybe a small one from Aquaman. The rest can wait. We dont need Green Arrow because he’d just look like a clone of Hawkeye to most.

    • Bobby Shortle


      I agree with you about Supes and Bats, and would agree with you on Green Lantern, if I believed that they would do Hal Jordan for the JL, which I do not. I have a very strong suspicion that you will see a Jon Stewart Green Lantern in the film, and that will require some telling. Which is the only reason I believe that including those other characters would be a tough sell, because I feel that Martian Manhunter and Aquaman need the same treatment that Thor got to establish their credibility as characters.

  5. Karl

    Agree 100%. Martian and Aqua would need the Thor treatment since they arent as well known and arent so easily explained. If they do Stewart that would be taken as a DC copout. They could easily fix Hal. Marvel did it with the Hulk. I still think Ryan could make a great Lantern (with again a better script and less cheesy dialoge). The movie wasnt a total success but wasnt a bomb either (especially overseas if I remember correctly). But cameos from Aqua, Martian and Stewart would be just tooo much to digest in one film.

    • Bobby Shortle

      Taking Hal out would be a 100% cop out by Warners, and would be an attempt to distance the new JL movie from the bad press of the Green Lantern film. His inclusion though could bring an interesting dichotomy to the league, and to the relatively white faced superhero genre. That’s not saying he’s a token character, because he isn’t, in fact he’s a great character who was done to amazing effect in the Justice League cartoon and could bring a real “Captain America” sense of pride, duty and pure moral fiber to the DC cinematic universe.

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