FF #3 Review

FF #3 Review

Written by Matt Fraction

Art by Michael Allred

Colors by Laura Allred

Reviewed by Steve Seigh 

Marvel made a very wise decision when selecting  Matt Fraction and Michael Allred as the creative team to helm Marvel Now‘s FF. The series has not faltered on a single front since Hickman passed these men the keys to the Baxter Building. The kids remain in a perpetual state of wonderment, and the interpersonal dynamics of the adults all make for a cast of interesting and endearing characters.  In my humble opinion, FF should serve as a shining example to comic book writers everywhere. The book demonstrates how you handle a series that has such a large cast of characters with class, patience, and wit. It’s one of the best team based books on the shelves today and each and every one of you should be reading it. 

So the Fantastic Four did not return in only four minutes like the said they would. In fact, according to the future John Storm, the remaining members of The Fantastic Four are all dead! What? Dead? How in a world of infinite universes with infinite possibilities did that happen? Well, you’re just going to have to read FF #3 to find out.  And while FF #3 is busy amping up the danger level brought on by these most tragic of events, Darla Deering and her doubts about being a member of this  team continue to waver. 

I personally don’t know very much about Darla. But FF #3 has given me a good look beyond the skimpy towel she wears for more than half the issue, and has presented me with a character that’s rich in well … character. Darla is complicated, is plagued by self doubt, and fears that as a member of the Fantastic Four she doesn’t offer much in the way of protection. But as seen in this issue, Darla also has a thirst for adventure, as well as an inherent desire to be something more than just a pop star. She might have her doubts, but Darla is fearless, Darla is heroic, but most importantly, she was asked to be a member of The Fantastic Four. That is not an invitation to take for granted. They asked you for a reason Darla. You say “yes.”

So as I’ve said. Matt Fraction‘s writing is top of the line, and Michael Allred is killing this book with his eye-popping art style. And let’s not forget Laura Allred with her exquisite colorization of the characters and backgrounds of FF. Because while Michael’s pop art style might be stylish and smart, it’s really the colors of Laura that pull it all together to make that total package. FF is bright, often times hysterical, and packed with a sense of togetherness, family, and adventure that you’ll be hard pressed to find done better in most books. If you’re not reading FF, you need to. Go out and but them right now. It’s okay, I’ll wait. 


FF is easily my favorite book on the shelves today. Every issue is packed with Fraction’s signature wit and attention to character detail, while the Allred’s art compels you to have eyegasms. Every colorful panel is packed to the gills with humor, intelligence and sensitivity. Once more, with feeling, if you’re not buying FF, please do. It truly is a wonderful book.  

* This review was written while listening to the album Latin by the band Holy Fuck

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