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Jimmy Olsen

For awhile now fans have been speculating if Superman Universe staple and Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen would be appearing in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel. It appears fans may have their answer, but not as they might have expected.

“Rumor has it that Jimmy Olsen is now Jenny Olsen. A quick search over at IMDB confirms that actress Rebecca Buller will be playing a character called Jenny Olsen,” according to io9 via “And there’s no mention of Jimmy. Sure IMDB isn’t always the most reliable of websites, but it’s worth noting  .”

The newest Man of Steel trailer showed Laurence Fishburne’s character Perry White fleeing a collapsing building alongside a mystery woman. Could this woman in fact be Buller’s Jenny Olsen? Fans had already been speculating who the mystery woman was. Could they have their answer now?

Perry White Running

What do you think about the rumored Jimmy/Jenny Olsen news? Speak up in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. AboveAverageJoe

    Ugh! Making Perry White into a black guy, I am ok with. Yet, switching genders just to throw another pretty face into a film is a bad idea. With all the PC changes and Pa Kent telling Clark its ok to let a bus full of kids to die to cover his butt. I am not really sure what this movie is about other than making changes for the sake of making changes.

    • David Short

      Don’t get caught up on the Pa Kent stuff. If it were your kid, and you knew how different he was, you would do what you had to to protect him too. I’d be willing to bet that the scene in the trailer isn’t the entirety of the conversation either. Have faith 🙂

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