Comeback #3 Review


Written by Ed Brisson

Illustrated by Michael Walsh

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Review by David Short


Let’s see, where to begin? This book is awesome. Then again, what did anybody expect? This is an Image title after all.

Things are getting intense. Reconnect is in full scramble mode trying to smoke out their mole, Mark is in deep sh*t as he has lost his Rescue and can’t find his partner, and the FBI is breathing down everybody’s necks. Shoo! Yea, lots of balls in the air.

What Comback does so well in its short run is connect you with its characters. A lot of this has to do with the art. Michael Walsh is able to carry pages of this book with little to no exposition at all, but even when the page is worded you can’t take your eyes off his work. All the slight emotional glimpses and facial movements are spot on, and really work well. This isn’t a book with over the top dramatic flair in its characters, but the subtlety with which it is pulled off is a fantastic achievement.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors fit the scenario as well. With Seth and Kelly holed up in a ratty motel room for a good bit of the book, she certainly makes it look like the dingy, run down rooms that I’m sure we’ve each had the misfortune of staying in a time or two in our lives. She and Walsh do a fine job with the use of shadow as well, and things really come together in the scene between Mark and Owen.

I’m really impressed by how well this issue comes together in all its aspects. The writing and art obviously mesh, and they give off a very cinematic feel to the book. I could easily see this getting turned into a movie or TV show down the road.


I’m pleasantly surprised by another Image title that I knew nothing of coming into it. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised any more seeing as how Image is the most consistent publisher in the business at the moment. Give Comeback a shot. I sat down and read all three issues back to back to back, and I want more—like, now.

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