Andrea Sorrentino to Send I, Vampire Off


Yesterday we broke the news of I,Vampire’s cancellation. It was a difficult announcement for many of us to handle, but a bright spot came today via Twitter.

Andrea Sorrentino, the series’ artist for what will be the majority of its run, just tweeted at me saying that he would be returning for the final pages of the I,Vampire #19!

What better way to send the book off than with the team that brought it to such high critical acclaim? Discuss!

3 thoughts on “Andrea Sorrentino to Send I, Vampire Off

  1. I was not reading I vampire but I know the sting of losing a book you love. Unfortunately this is business is ruled by sales numbers just like any other.

    On the bright side I was already looking forward to Jeff Lemeries upcoming run on Green Arrow so its good to hear so much praise for mister Sorrentino.

    1. Too true. It’s always sad to see good books go.

      And Sorrentino is going to kill it on Green Arrow. He’s got some ridiculous layouts, and lots of splash pages and double page spreads. Love his work. I don’t want to compare it to J H Williams, because its very different, but it is similar in the amount of story he can tell while having two or three spreads in a book.

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