More DC Cancellations Announced

saucerEarlier today David reported that DC had cancelled fan favorite I, Vampire with issue #19. As it turns out, I, Vampire was just the first of many cancellations announced today. Joining I, Vampire is DC Universe Presents, Superman Family Adventures and Vertigo’s Saucer Country. While I, Vampire is certainly the favorite of the bunch among many, the other three titles had a special place in my heart and it’ll be sad to see them go.

DC Universe Presents was a great jumping on point for new fans that showcased a DC character that didn’t really get the spotlight that it would in other titles. While some stories (Deadman, Vandal Savage) were stronger than others (Everything Else), the idea of the series was great and hopefully we’ll get something similar in the future.

Superman Family Adventures was not one of the New 52 titles but instead a spiritual successor to Tiny Titans that focused on the Superman family of characters. Sure it was geared more towards younger audiences, but there was a simplicity and youthful energy about it that made it a joy to read. I know I can say I’ll definitely miss seeing Krypto on a regular basis. Maybe with its cancellation we’ll see Lil’ Gotham finally get pushed up to digital and print release. I can dream can’t I?

Finally, Saucer Country. I was a devout reader of Paul Cornell’s wonderful West Wing meets X-Files story but I can understand why it got cancelled. On top of poor sales, Cornell will soon be shifting most of his time to the upcoming Wolverine series, so I can see why they would decide to end this book prematurely. Hopefully we get a proper send-off or at least a decent enough ending to satisfy those like me who had been reading since the beginning.

What are you most surprised got cancelled? Are there any books you think should take their spots (besides the upcoming Snyder/Lee Superman title)? What will you miss the most? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “More DC Cancellations Announced

  1. I’ve been reading Saucer County since issue one and I still don’t have any idea what Cornell is trying to say with this book. I don’t get the connection between the alien conspiracies plot and the political ideologies story. As a lifelong fan of both prose and graphic science fiction, I’m familiar with most of the plot threads that these types of stories can lead to, but Saucer Country still seems to be spinning its wheels after 9 issues. The only aspect of this series that I do understand is that Arcadia wants to be President so that she can learn the “truth” about the alien invasion. I had almost dropped this book, but now that I know it will only going for 14 issues, I’ll stick with it to see how Cornell wraps the story up.

    1. I’ll admit the story certainly has it’s flaws, but I was hopeful that Cornell was leading into something great. With issue #14 being its end, I can only hope that he comes up with a great payoff for those who have been reading since the beginning.

      I’m actually interested to see what Vertigo’s planning for this year. I know we’re going to get some great work from Lemire and Snyder, but I kinda hope they take a chance on some more books like Punk Rock Jesus, Spaceman ect.

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