Review: Transfusion #2


Writing by: Steve Niles

Art by: Menton3

Review by Melissa Megan


So, here’s the scoop: giant, killer robots are running around what’s left of the earth, searching for blood to keep themselves, um, alive. So are scattered clans of vampires. Obviously the losers in this game are animals and humans, who both appear to be near extinction. William, a vampire leader of some sort, is pulling out all his moves to help his clan survive but things are getting seriously desperate. When William’s group are attacked by robots, he finds himself forming an unlikely, but perhaps beneficial, alliance with some strangers.

What I really love about Transfusion (besides that it’s created by two of my all time favorites in comics) is that the story is told in few words, but packs a punch in terms of creep factor and emotional weight. It’s only issue #2 and I already feel some bit of sympathy for the dying vampires, even though I would be on their menu if this story were reality. Menton3’s art is as powerful as usual and perhaps even more intriguing since he’s begun playing with some new styles for Transfusion. Steve Niles knows how to build tension in a story and offer up just enough to keep you coming back for what’s next, but never enough to be predictable.

Verdict: This is quality horror comic writing at it’s best. It’s beautiful, intelligent and truly a collaboration of art between two passionate creators. Buy this series now. I’m already looking forward to re-reading this in a trade collection, and I seriously hope it gets a decently long life span.

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