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Welcome to the Talking Comics Best Comics of 2012 Polling section, Part Three! This what you’ve all been waiting for… the creme de la creme… the icing on the cake… the cherry in your soda… Ok, I’m making things up. Either way, these are the Best Comics of 2012 categories equivalent to the categories that people care about at the Oscars! In case you missed the first tow rounds of voting, here are the links.

Best Comics of 2012 Part One

Best Comic of 2012 Part Two

Take the time to go through the categories and figure out where you’ll cast your votes. We make our cases on this week’s podcast, so take a listen, hear us out and pick your favourites.

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8 Responses

  1. Luciano M

    Will all due respect to the nominees, it iabsolutely makes no sense that Fantastic Four is not on your lists. I actually have not read it but it’s the one comic you all speak about over and over again telling us all how amazing it is and not just Bob but Steve and Bobby also have been raving about it for pretty much the whole year.

    Also Uncanny X-force needed to be on there alot more than some of the other comics. Rick Remender got my vote for best writer.

    There I said my peace. Happy New Years folks. I think 2013 is gonna be a great year for comics.

    • Stephanie Cooke

      I have not read Fantastic Four yet and this list was a compilation of what we could all agree on to be here. It made Bob’s personal lists and I’m sure you’ll see it appear on other contributor lists as well, but yeah.

  2. Steve Seigh

    Luciano, Fantastic Four receives praise all year round from Bob and I and will most certainly be honored on our individual lists. It’s difficult to include everything, especially something that’s only been read by half the cast members. So long as you know how much we support Fantastic Four and FF alike we’ve done it some justice, I think. Thanks so much for your thoughts and be sure to vote for your favorites.

  3. Luciano M

    No worries I just was surprised by its omission. If you had asked me last week what title would have been Talking Comics best title of 2012 I would have bet my house it was Fantastic Four. I can appreciate how difficult it was to come up with these lists and have greatly enjoyed the past 3 podcast.

    I have voted on the categories which I felt qualified to do so. I look forward to next weeks show and keep up the great work in 2013.

  4. Bob Reyer


    As you’ve listened to the “Nominations” show, you know that I lobbied long and hard for the inclusion of Fantastic Four, as to me it represents the finest this medium can offer, but it was “gerrymandered” out, much to my consternation! With any luck, the masses of listeners that have become hooked on the cosmic, yet very human adventures of the Fantastic Four will mount a write-in campaign!


  5. RepStones

    OK, this might sound strange, but for best arc, writer and artist I picked the Batman boys. Court of Owls was the standout arc this past year and for that Snyder & Capullo deserve their props. But for best ongoing I opted for Daredevil, its just the book OK look forward to most at present. And Waid has had a fantastic year as has Chris Samnee, whose art on Daredevil (and that Rocketeer run) has been simply sumptuously retro. I love it.

  6. ireadcomics

    I agree that this year was certainly the year of THE BAT. Capullo deserves so many accolades..that book is always gorgeous and always on time. He is a machine that never misses a deadline or has to take a break. Funny thing is he has been doing it for years. Snyder is a cut above the rest this year with Batman, American Vampire, Swamp Thing and Severed. He has quickly become what Geoff Johns was a few years ago. I do have to mention BKV on Saga and Mark Waid (everything he touches is gold). It has been a great year for comics and I cannot wait for 2013 to get kicked off.
    Just want to say you guys have done a great job this year. I have enjoyed all of the content you have put out. Good luck in 2013.

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