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Talking Comics Presents: January 2

Talking Comics Presents: January 2

By David Short


Hello, fine friends of Talking Comics that have decided to spend the dwindling hours of the current year with us! Also, to the people that are reading this in the future: hi! 2012 is just about done, and most of us are in knee deep in a stack of books trying to recap our thoughts on the year. While our opinions in the coming “Best of” lists may differ, I think that we all can agree that 2012 was a fantastic year for comics! We’ve had the return of Batman’s nemesis, a 2012 space odyssey with BKV, Fraction has set the world on fire with the adventures of Lucky the Pizza Dog (that’s what that book is about right?), and  some of the all-time great runs in multiple book’s lifetimes have come to an end. While all this is fun to mull over, the comics industry stops for no one (except Christmas, and even then Marvel likes to drop bombs), so let us start your new year off right with some great books!


Superman #15, DC


Recommended by Sean Lamont

I am not the best person to ask about the most recent run on Superman; so to make sure that you get a fair (and very informative) take on it, I give you our newest member, Sean Lamont:

“While the new fallible rendition of a 20-something Superman does not work for everyone, Lobdell’s take on the character has single-handedly turned the book into an engaging and fun read for myself.  Filled with forward momentum in his relationships and status quo, comedic dialogue, and combined with a brash Clark that makes mistakes, the recent issues of Superman have come together to create a title where Clark struggles against the inherent weaknesses of his youth and humanity, as he simultaneously strives to live up to the symbol of compassion that we know him as.  Issue #15 continues the H’el on Earth mini-crossover, and will it succeed in finally bringing the Super-Family together?  Or will their faults lead them to turn against one another?”


American Vampire #34, Vertigo


Recommended by Mara and I

In case you missed it, Mara became my new best friend with this recommendation. Like I need another reason to talk about this series…but she gave me one, HA! This is the final issue before the AV crew takes a well-deserved and very timely break. The fallout from recent American Vampire goings on is all encompassing. Everything we know about the series is going to change. The VMS is without its fearless leader, Hobbes, and the driving force of the story is completely removed. Scott Snyder and company have Game of Thrones-ed their story (they killed off a bunch of big players for those of you who aren’t up on Game of Thrones…Also, you should get on that; it’s f*cking amazing). This is the first chapter that will give us a sense of how AV will progress, and you should not miss it.


Fatale #11, Image


Recommended by Joey

Want a spot to jump in on one of the most highly acclaimed Image series of the last year? Done. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are officially awarded “Nicest creators of 2013” by giving you not one, but four standalone jumping on points for their smash hit, Fatale. It all starts with #11. Set in the 1930’s we see the early days of a character’s time with the Femme Fatale curse. I think Brubaker has proven that he can handle period pieces fantastically well in the past, and he and Phillips seem to have a thing for making bestselling, uncannily amazing comics. Jump on board people. We’ll welcome you to greatness with open arms.


I Love Trouble #2, Image


Recommended by Stephanie Cook

It seems as if Image has done it again—yet another series that has caught our crew’s eye. It’s almost like somebody on staff is excited for every single new title that they pump out, and rarely have they disappointed. I Love Trouble continues Falicia’s story, and adds mystery to it. Not only are new characters being introduced, but they some are seemingly well informed as to what it is she is capable of. Did I mention it’s an Image book, and they are awesome yet?


New Avengers #1, Marvel


Recommended by the Bob Reyer

This just in: I think Bob kind of enjoys this Jonathan Hickman fella; something about the writing he does? I don’t know. The aforementioned Mr. Hickman teams up with Steve Epting to bring the New Avengers to Marvel NOW! This is a series that looks to include some threads introduced in Hickman’s current Avengers run, and, if his previous work has taught us anything, then this will be one hell of a tale. He’s known for his grandiose stories, and it doesn’t get too much bigger than the Illuminati. It just seems like a match made in comic lover’s dreams. Rob, frequent guest host on Talking Comics’ podcast, has endorsed this book as well, saying that it’s “…[the] best new Marvel book.” That’s high praise considering the high number of quality books that have come from Marvel’s initiative. Oh! And it’s got a snazzy Jock cover—really sharp.


Morbious: The Living Vampire #1


Recommended by Travis

Following Amazing Spiderman 699.1, Morbious is set to begin his own tale. If Gabriel Dell’Otto’s cover alone doesn’t grab your attention, then allow me to “woo” you. Morbious is a living vampire (in case that wasn’t clear), and has gotten a bit of a bad rap in the Marvel U. This is the story of his road to redemption, or at least that’s how this is supposed to go. If there is anything that this vampire fanatic can impart one you, let it be this: Nothing is as easy as it sounds when vampires are involved. Written by Joe Keatinge and with art by Richard Elson, Morbious looks to be another great addition to Marvel NOW!

Others to Watch For

All New X-Men #5

Justice League Dark #15

Daredevil End of Days #4

Red She-Hulk #61

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #2 (Not a joke)

Godzilla The Half-Century War #4

Morbius The Living Vampire #1


Emails by the Fire with Bob Reyer

Bob, nobody’s coming to break your legs are they? Because I’ll be damned if I let them take my money maker away from me! I may not have a football team to relate to as you do, but just know there are worse things. I’m a hockey fan…in the South…in North Carolina, where hockey isn’t even the 4th most popular sport and WE HAVE A TEAM IN THE CITY IN WHICH I LIVE, Bob!!! I’m ok. Sorry, folks, back to what you came for.

“Having survived another New Year’s Eve without Guy Lombardo (and now Dick Clark as well!), but with the consumption of many adult beverages, I’m in a bit of high dudgeon over a trend that is getting out of hand. (I sense a rant starting; you good folks may want to take cover! {Audrey}) Do we really need, on top of Marvel’s new habit of double and triple shipping, variant covers on nearly half the books released, and SEVEN different covers on New Avengers #1! I already know one long-time reader who has “checked out” on Marvel monthlies, and will wait to purchase trades after sampling issues and comparing reviews. The industry can’t afford too many defections, so I hope they can rein in these tendencies sooner rather than later. (Although, I guess you can’t have too many Adventure Time variants–I’ll have to ask our resident A.T. expert Steve!)


Before I forget, have you voted in our “Best of 2012” polls yet? If not, would you please vote for some of Cranky Old Uncle Bob’s favorites? I have some bets out to try and cover my New York Football Giants losses! (…and it would make the poor old dear feel better in the New Year if some of his picks won something, darlings! {Audrey})


Das Vidanya,

Comrade Bob

(..who’s had a couple of vodka martinis)”


Fire-side P.S. We love to have fun here, but there are times in which things need to be brought down a notch. This weekend Peter David suffered a stroke. More information can be found on various sites online. While there is nothing we can do to change what has happened, we can offer our thoughts and prayers to Peter and his family. More importantly, we can offer our support. Having had a family member suffer from stroke in the not too distant past, I can tell you that just having people that are rooting for you can make a difference. Use this time to show everyone just how amazing the comics community is, and reach out to let the David family know that we are with them.


That’s it for this week. Let us know what we missed or how awesome we are getting at this below, or on Twitter @talkingcomics using #TCPresents!


Definitely wrote this whilst being taken back to Middle Earth with The Hobbit’s score. Howard Shore is the man.

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