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Welcome to the Talking Comics Best Comics of 2012 Polling section (Part Two!). Take the time to go through the categories and figure out where you’ll cast your votes. We make our cases on this week’s podcast, so take a listen, hear us out and pick your favourites.

As an added note, for Best Cover, check out the covers below the poll in order from Left to Right if you aren’t already familiar (click to make the images bigger).

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Batwoman_Full_5-665x102421691The-Punisher_16-674x10242575246-masks_1_coverfairest8-248x350[polldaddy poll=”6779368″] 

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4 Responses

  1. RepStones

    That Masks cover gave me goosebumps like no other this year.
    As regards best single issue or one shot I had to be a weirdo and go off the reservation. I think New Avengers 29 (AvX) was the best issue I read. Its the one where Cap is waiting in a secret meeting place hoping his old friend Major will make contact. There’s very little action in it (save for a brief re-run of their relationship fighting the red skull during WW2). I just loved the whole mood of the comic and really enjoy the dynamic between Cap and Namor, which is why Captain America and Namor 635.1 deserves honourable mention.
    I realise I’m out on my own here, but thats the beauty of comics 🙂

    • ireadcomics

      Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom was my favorite mini-series. Mark Waid writing with Chris Samnee art is a win-win. I love Saga and look forward to it every month but I have to give credit where credit is due…Hawkeye for my money is the best new series. What Fraction has done for that character is extraordinary.

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