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Talking Comics Presents: December 26

Talking Comics Presents: December 26

By David Short


On a night in which I am surrounded by family, enjoying the company of the people I love, and receiving the awesome Saga trade paperback as a gift; I’m reminded of just how lucky I am, and not just regarding Christmas. I get to spread my passion for comics on a weekly basis with some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Talking Comics has been the highlight of my year, and a great deal of that is because of you, the readers. You guys make it worth while, and I can’t thank you enough. Enjoy your time with your family, or friends, or what ever the case may be…Then let me spend your money for you this Wednesday!


Amazing Spider-Man #700, Marvel


Recommended by Bob Reyer, Steve Seigh, Travis McCollum, Bobby Shortle, and myself

This is it. This is the one. Dan Slott and company have been building up to this for quite some time. Peter Parker has been through some series stuff under Slott’s care, and he promises that #700 doesn’t hold anything back. I’m not sure that I have been in comics long enough to have been around a release that has garnered as much publicity. It’s actually been pretty ridiculous. Seemingly everyone, except me, has gotten their hands on an early copy, and Slott’s Twitter has blown up with about equal parts love and hate. All I can say is that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and I think you would be remiss to miss out on this book.


Justice League #15, DC


Recommended by Travis McCollum

The Throne of Atlantis kicks off this week as Geoff Johns continues to shape DC’s greatest team of heroes. Not only is Justice League going to feature my favorite member of the team (Aquaman) in the new story arc it’s going to continue to build the mythology of Atlantis. If there is one thing that Johns does just as well, if not better, than any other writer it is build some mythology. Plus, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (the art team from Aquaman) joins the team. Whilst the big boys are fighting fish people, Billy and the Shazam family face off with one of the greatest villains in all of comics, Black Adam! It’s another Holiday miracle.


Mara #1 (of 6), Image


Recommended by Travis McCollum and Mara Whiteside

Remember these names: Brian Wood and Ming Doyle. Brian Wood has begun his ascent up the short list of writers that should grab your attention with books like The Massive and DMZ, and Ming Doyle has worked on such books as Fantastic Four and The Loneliest Astronaut. The two creators are coming together in this miniseries to explore what our nation’s obsession with celebrity status would be like supposing super powers were added to the mix. If Wood’s The Massive is any indication as to how Mara will handle societal observation, then this is likely to be something special.


Aquaman #15, DC


Recommended by Travis McCollum

Justice League starts the Throne of Atlantis and Aquaman continues it. John’s has made Arthur Curry a legitimate hero again, and for that he deserves all the credit that a writer can get. And like much like its crossover partner, Aquaman is getting a new art team. Eddie Barrows and Eber Ferreira join Johns in bringing the King of Atlantis to life. Hopefully things can continue on the stellar pace that it came out of the gate with.


Emails by the Fire with Bob Reyer

Here’s your Holiday dose of Bob; my gift to you via Mr. Reyer.

“If you were reading last week, (Cthulhu knows why!) it looked as if your Cranky Old Uncle Bob was in for a spot of bother. Thankfully, Audrey has un-locked my restraints just long enough to throw some whimsy your way (sorry, I’m always full of whimsy after eating asparagus), and to speak to you about the books I’m anticipating this time around. The joke’s on her–I’m not looking forward to anything this week, except for this verdamnt year to be over already. (Shtum, we’ll talk “off-air”.)


Sadly, the book many people were agog over, Amazing Spider-Man #700, has been ruined for a goodly number of readers by some Internet heathen who has revealed the ending of a story-arc years in the making. Nice job, Mr and/or Mrs.Grinch; forget coal in your stocking, you deserve a copious amount of rancid, bloody wombat phlegm. Moving on, thanks to the good graces of my LCS, I was able to read AS-M #700.(Actually, it had nothing to do with Grace, as she had left the room, as did Frank due to some tummy issues, so I snuck a copy from the box and “copped a read”–I feel so wicked!) Do yourself a favor; even if you’ve been told, or have read about the ending, pick up a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #700. It’s simply a stunning piece of work by Dan Slott and his team, and one that will thrill, surprise and anger you in equal measure.


Before I’m “escorted” back to my room, let me just say what a joy it has been “speaking” to all of you this year, even those of you who (oddly) disagree with me. To those who have become “pen-pals” (Is there even such a thing anymore?), Harry, Huw, Patrick, Luciano, both Ryans, Adam, and most especially Sarah and Ted, my gratitude that you’ve found my rantings worth responding to. A hearty “keep up the good work” to my “bullpen mates” Mara (Congrats!), Melissa (Hi Max!),  David (HPL used to get a half-cent a word, you know!), and all the rest of our amazing contributors who keep the good ship “Talking Comics” afloat. Lastly, there aren’t words enough to thank my on-air colleagues Stephanie, Bobby, Steve (and sometimes Rob) for creating a place that this old curmudgeon could call home, but let me simply say that I’m honored to share the microphones with you, failing my retirement, or my old age, which should be here any day now.

(*taking pulse* Gee, either I’m dead, or my watch has stopped.)


Happy New Year everyone,

Mazel Tov!


(Yes Audrey, I’ll come quietly now)”


Enjoy your (Holiday redacted), and have a(n) (insert joyous/dismal, depending on how this week goes, adjective) end of 2012! Miss us!


Definitely did this up to Amazing Spider-Man. 

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