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Talking Comics Presents: December 19

Talking Comics Presents: December 19

By David Short


So, it would seem as if Marvel is releasing every book it has ever published, and plans on ever publishing in the future, this week. Don’t fear, though, that’s why the Talking Comics crew does the hard job of telling you what to spend your hard earned money on.


X-Factor #249, Marvel


Recommended by Stephanie Cooke

While the other X-books try to change the landscape of the mutant race, X-Factor just continues on doing its own thing, which is just being awesome. Peter David and company take the team on an adventure that discovers a brand new race called the Warders.


Morning Glories #25, Image


Recommended by Joey Braccino

While Nick Spencer readies for his turn to hit the Marvel NOW! band wagon, he and Joel Eisma bring their standout book to a close of its first “season”. This book has been incredibly deep. The many, many questions that the series poses leave you on the edge of your seat, and keep you coming back for more (if not only to know that it doesn’t end like Lost did). But this issue is double sized and only 4 bucks! Sweet.


Transfusion #2 (of 3), IDW


Recommended by Steve Seigh

Oh my lord, Menton3 is the KING! The art for Transfusion is so f*cking great. Vampires. Machines. Menton3! Oh, then there is the scribe–some nobody who’s trying to cut his teeth in the horror biz, Steve Niles, or something…I can’t do it. Steve Niles and Menton3 are doing a book, together! You should buy it for the sake of saying that you let two of the greatest minds in the industry grace your palms. Buy it.


Django Unchained #1, Vertigo


Recommended by Bobby Shortle

Quentin Tarantino seems like a sure fit in comics. His crazy, over-the-top, pulpy stories just seem to lend themselves to the medium. Django Unchained is a story of a bounty hunter, his former slave partner, and their journey in the Wild West. While this is a comic adaptation of the screen play, there are some extra scenes that make it into the book that were left on the cutting room floor.


X-Treme X-Men #8, Marvel


Recommended by Travis McCollum

Who would have thought Dazzler could make for an appealing book? No, really, who? And yet, it has caught the attention of the crew. An inter-dimensional journey, else-world versions of classic X-folk, and now we get another X-person getting a view of how they could turn out. I don’t really remember the last book that Greg Pak put out that wasn’t up to snuff, and X-Treme has been met well too.


FF #2, Marvel


Recommended by Bob Reyer

Marvel’s first family got a long needed vacation in Fantastic Four, and now the Earth’s fate is in the hands of an Ant Man, a lady Hulk, a girl with crazy-awesome hair, and some chick Johnny hooked up with. They’re a dream team. Who needs the family Richards when you have such talent just waiting to pick up the team name? Maybe we’ll find out when a “classic” Fantastic Four villain looks to steal the show. Allred and Fraction have a special book here, and I can’t wait to read it. Also, I’m pretty sure Fraction is just smiling and pointing at the score board at this point.


Others to watch for

Supergirl #15

Captain America #2

Avengers Arena #2

Hawkeye #6 (BUY IT!!!)

Captain Marvel #6

Masks #2

Avengers #2

Uncanny X-Force #35 (Final issue to what is one of the best runs in comics)

Saga #8


Emails by the Fire with Bob Reyer

(aka: A Chat before the Yule Log)

“As I sit with an icebag atop my head to combat an over-heated brain-pan due to our “Year End, Best of” lists, I’m reminded that…this egg nog needs refilling. (Audrey, could you please…thanks, awfully.) Anyway, as it’s the holidays, (and please Mr. O’Reilly, I’m not part of the “War on Christmas”, I’m just being polite as I’m speaking to a multi-faith audience) and gift-giving is on everyone’s mind, how about giving the gift of comics, instead of handing out another faddish toy or video game to the youngsters on our Christmas (Ha!) list (or Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or Holiday, the semi-official celebration of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I guess that covers most everybody; please, no letters if I’ve forgotten your denomination!) Where was I…oops, I’m losing my train of thought here…(Audrey, what’s in this egg nog?..That much? Oh, boy…) Well, before I pass out, with so many great trade paperback collections of older, all-age appropriate stories around, as well as some newer pieces such as the Wonder Woman: Story of the Amazon Princess storybook I purchased for a little girl on my list, there are many ways to give a gift that will give to others the joy that we’ve been given by this medium for so many years, and perhaps help to ensure its future by adding new little fan-girls and fan-boys to the ranks!

Well, after that rambling mess of a sentence, they’re glowering at me and telling me it’s time to go (oh, that’s you Audrey..when did you get to be twins, and why does that jacket have such very long sleeves?), so, best wishes for a jouyous, non-exclusionary holiday season from all of us at Talking Comics!


Peace” (<—Note the sign out!)


This Presents was brought to you by: Matt Fraction and the strong desire for you guys to buy the best books for your buck…and my secret desire to spark conversation with Bob. Let us know what you think below, or on Twitter using #TCPresents.

Definitely put this thing’s face on whilst being lulled into dream land by the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Yup.

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