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Dear Shenani-Girl: Comic Book Coffee

It’s the holiday season and as it turns out, Shenani-Girl has a little bit of time on her hands to answer your questions. Whether they’re about comics, life, movies, various geekery or other things, get your questions into Shenanigans for a brand-new Dear Abby style column that’ll be up as frequently as our podcasting superhero can handle. You can send in your questions to or via Shenani-Girl’s Tumblr page (all responses from Tumblr will be posted on the site).

Dear Shenani-Girl,

If you could sit down and have coffee with any comic book character who would it be and why?

-Kyle (@kmall21)


Hey Kyle!

tumblr_m8k28dkQ9N1qkd0y7o1_400What a great question! There are so many to choose from and the obvious answer would be someone like Rogue or Gambit or Wolverine… Basically one of my original favourite comic book characters. However, I don’t know how great of company any of them would be. Wolverine would probably be hilarious though, in a dark and strange sort of way.

I think I would get along the best with Stephanie Brown though. Just reading Bryan Q. Miller’s run of Batgirl made me feel like she was a character that I could really connect with if she was real. She’s witty, clever, intelligent, snarky and kicks some serious ass. I don’t claim to be any of those things, except for maybe snarky, but I just think she’d be a lot of fun to be friends with.

Hope that answers your question, Kyle! And by all means, for anyone else reading this – leave YOUR answers in the comment section below. I’d love to see who everyone else would pick!



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