Issue #59: The DC Creative Shuffle and Man of Steel

Issue #59: The DC Creative Shuffle and Man of Steel | Comic Book Podcast

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As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, it’s time that the Talking Crew discuss what comics will make it on our Best of 2012 lists. BUT before we get to that, we need to talk about what categories will make up our Best of 2012 lists… SO, we break down what we want to talk about and what we don’t over the coming weeks and throw in some suggestions that YOU (our wonderful and loyal listeners) have suggested. What categories do we choose? Well, listen and find out!

We also talk about some of the controversy going on at DC right now between Gail Simone being “forced” off of Batgirl as well as Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette leaving Swamp Thing.

Last (technically) but not least, we discuss our favourite books of the week. Included in the mix is: Richard Stark’s Parker (Book One: The Hunter), Red She-Hulk, Avengers #1, Thunderbolts #1 and Emi Lenox’s EmiTown.

A little doodle comic by Emi Lenox that was uploaded via her Instagram (click to embiggen)

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6 thoughts on “Issue #59: The DC Creative Shuffle and Man of Steel

  1. Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out how equally unprofessional Gail Simone was in tweeting about DC’s decision to remove her from Batgirl via email. She knew she was in the wrong too because she apologized later. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gail for her work on Secret Six and Batgirl, and we don’t know why she was let go from the book but it was a decision that was made and it was in poor form to go blabbing about it on a public forum rather that letting DC make the announcement.

  2. I agree with you about the level of unprofessional ism on the part of Gail Simone. I think that is something that she should have been more tactful about, at least I know I would have and I was just laid off.

    That said, DC might only be able to contact certain people via email or phone since they don’t have offices everywhere their writers are, which is something that I think many miss out on. Writers are not in the office from 8-5, so contacting them might be more difficult.

  3. Sadly, Twitter has become the medium for regrettable, knee-jerk reactions and Gail’s tweets were obviously posted in haste and with a certain degree of unprofessionalism. It was said on the show that Gail most likely posted directly to Twitter because she knew of the reaction she would get and I’m sure that’s not far from the truth. But to DC’s discredit, there shouldn’t have been an e-mail, especially to someone like Gail Simone. You only need to follow her for a day on Twitter to know that sending her an e-mail telling her she’s been relieved of her duty on a book is a bad ide all-around.

    Just to play devil’s advocate to Stephanie’s devil’s advocate for a second, if DC were taking Gail Simone off Batgirl to put her on something like Catwoman, I would like to think they would have discussed this with Simone prior or at least included that in their e-mail to her. Truly I think the reason she was released from the book was due to a creative clash. I look forward to seeing what the next writer will do with Batgirl.

  4. John (I hope you don’t mind the familiarity, as we’ve just met),

    On her “Ape in a Cape” blog, Ms. Simone had the following to say in response to the question “Are you not writing any DC books AT ALL after this?”:
    GS: “I am not yet writing any DC books, but I have been offered a metric ton of cool stuff from all kinds of publishers, some of my favorite characters ever, some I never even imagined I’d get the chance to write.”

    Hope that helps, and thanks for listening!

  5. Twitter is used and encouraged to be us companies to get the word out to their customers. Gail did the right thing by getting the word out to her customers. Yes, she did back track, but she shouldn’t have. She had every right in the world to tell her customers what was going on.

    As for the others playing the Devil Advocates, there is a great Patton Oswalt tweet about people who do that, but I won’t post it here. They pretty much threw her under the bus probably in hopes DC does not stop people from being interviewed by the podcast or just being naive to think DC had good reasons to let her go. Batgirl is doing better sales than any other female book out there, probably even better than Daredevil which everyone loves, but no one buys. People are at least buying Batgirl. It makes no business sense to not re-sign her. If people think Grant Morrison or Loeb or Johns is going take over Batgirl, they are dreaming. Snyder might, but I doubt it. Batgirl is going to another male hack that is friends with so and so on. DC has no idea what its doing with this reboot other than letting Snyder and Johns just do their own thing which for own is doing ok. The rest of this reboot has been a disaster.

    1. Hey,

      I appreciate your opinion about what happened to Gail Simone, and your passion for her work is fantastic, but I can assure you that fear of a company not letting have certain guests on the show is not a factor in our opinions. As the founder of the site and the host of the show I hold our integrity as being more important than anything, because lets face it, we don’t get paid for this, so it’s all we have. There are two sides to every argument, and even if we all were thoroughly in Gail Simone’s corner it’s not good journalism or good radio to simply all spout the same point of view.

      As for everything else you have stated those are your opinions and I respect them, have a great day.

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