Revival #4 Review

Revival #4 Review

Writer: Tim Seeley

Art: Mike Norton

Review by David Short

Reading Revival, to me, is like watching Breaking Bad: What you just consumed was so good that you’re physically anxious for the next chapter. It’s so good!

This is a series that can really benefit from rereading the series before diving into the new issue. There’s a lot going on in Revival, and it can be a little daunting to try and remember everything that has happened.  That said, Revival #4 continues to ramp up the stakes.

What makes Revival work is the characters that the book focuses on. Em and Dana are both strong women that are more than capable of grabbing your attention every time they are on the page. Dana is vastly complex. Though when comparing her to Martha, she’s as normal as they come. Em’s desire to take part in all things unsavory is just baffling, but I love it!

That may be my favorite part of Revival, I have no clue what to expect next. I have an annoying ability to see the end to plot lines, but Revival has me completely stumped. It’s very refreshing, to be honest. Though, the extraterrestrial element looks to be played up a bit more soon as this week’s cliffhanger brings the glowing figure from the periphery and throws it right in the mix.

While Seeley is weaving an incredibly complex story, Mike Norton is bringing it to life perfectly. There isn’t much that stands out about Norton’s work, but it just fits everything that is happening in the story to a tee. The atmosphere that he creates emanates from the page. It’s able to change my mood as soon as I open the book and rejoin their world. I don’t have physical reactions to books that often, but I get tense every time I read Revival. That’s a truly remarkable accomplishment, and Norton’s work is one of the main reasons this series is as great as it is.


Surprise! Revival is still good. Who knew, right? Well, we here at Talking Comics knew, and we’ve been telling you for months now. This is the perfect book to pick up for some Halloween mood setting, or, you know, anytime–because it’s awesome.

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