How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2 Review

How I Spent My Summer Invasion #2 Review

Written by: Patrick Rieger

Illustrated by: Mark Wilson

Reviewed by: Talisha Harrison aka Tali Adina

The boys are back again and so are the aliens with this second issue. Now working as bell boys for the La Galatique, Tim and Russ are called upon to protect the super secret alien hotel from a young girl named Elly Lenox-who suspects that the aliens exist-and her mom who is the chief of police who arrive for visit. Needless to say hilarity ensues as Tim and Russ do their best to hide the hotel guests from a persistent Elly who doesn’t give up easily.

Rieger and Wilson continue to bring their A game with this second issue. Rieger’s writing is top notch and appeals to funny bones of all ages. Wilson’s cartoony art wonderfuly depicts each character and visually expresses the comedy of the story. Overall these two creators take readers on a journey that will make them laugh and have fun as they read.


Buy it. This issue continues the great start the first issue did for the series.  People of all ages will truly enjoy the story.

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