Debris #4 Review

Debris #4 Review

Writer: Kurtis Wiebe

Art: Riley Rossmo

Review by David Short

Debris is a series that seemed to get better as it went along. This week’s finale looked to follow suit, but fell short in the end.

Our heroine and eccentric outcast try finish their mission, though it doesn’t necessarily end up well for both characters. The entire series was about Maya finding a city of legend in order to save her home town. While the story is finished in this issue, it is done at break neck speeds. This book reads like it is fitting two issues into one, and they just cut most of the final issue out.

It’s a real shame too. This series had some real potential, and was growing on me more and more with each chapter. The characters were solid, the story was engaging, and the enemies were gripping but when you fast forward through the climax of anything, you’re never going to end up with a solid finished product. It’s like reading the Dark Knight Returns, but the final fight between Superman and Batman has been ripped out. Debris #4 just doesn’t pay off at all. While there is plenty of interesting turns in the history of Athabasca and Maiden, there just isn’t enough time for it to play out or hold any weight. By the time important points are revealed, the book is barreling to its conclusion.

While the story falters in the final issue, Riley Rossmo’s work is at its best. I was reading this book, and there were numerous times where my wife would lean in to take a peek because of how beautiful the book is. There are some truly beautiful panels, and in these panels they usually show off the meticulous detail that is put into the art in this book. Rossmo and Owen Geini both did a fantastic job in giving this book a personality and a distinguished look.


This is so disappointing. Debris was a book that I was really excited for. I had hopes of it laying groundwork for it to be picked up again. All that enthusiasm was squelched about halfway through the book when I realized they were running out of time to wrap things up. It’s really a bad ending to what was such a good series.

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