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The Cosplay of New York City Comic Con 2012: Part One

All photos taken by Steve Seigh

Words also written by Steve Seigh

This weekend at New York City Comic Con 2012, I had the distinct honor of meeting some of the most creative, talented, and proud individuals the Cosplaying community of the world has to offer. Scoffed at by the residents of New York City as they walk the city streets toward the Jacob Javitz Center these outgoing and passionate costumed heroes marched with their heads held high, ready to show themselves off to over 100,00 others  who would accept them without question.

During the germ infested gauntlet that is New York City Comic Con many of these fine people allowed me to take their photograph and even give me a little insight as to how they created their costumes. It was truly an enjoyable experience and I would endure any amount of Con Cooties to do it again. It was truly my favorite aspect of the Con. As someone who was once thinking of sending himself to Special-Effects and Makeup school this is one area of the Con where I feel completely at home and my hat is off to each and every last person who had the guts to strut their stuff these past few days.

So without further or due, Talking Comics presents to you some of the best Cosplay we could find over the weekend. Be aware that there will be more than one post regarding this topic as to allow you mobile people to not destroy your phones in frustration as the high-rez photos attempt to load. Cheers!

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The Cosplay of New York City Comic Con: Part One 



Pretty amazing, huh? Be sure to check out the next installment of  The Cosplay of New York City Comic Con 2012 to be posted shortly!

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  1. speederice

    These are awesome! Your camera does a great job of bringing out the full colors of these different costumes. Not only are these people super talented, but they have a ton of patience to venture through the sea of people in NYCC dressed like this!

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