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Think Tank #3 Review

Think Tank #3 Review

Writer: Matt Hawkins

Art: Rahsan Ekedal

Review by David Short

Man, Think Tank is a fun series. There are many things that can be said about the series: it’s smart, a techy’s dream book, but fun is the one that best describes what you get.

Matt Hawkins has a great handle on his main character. That’s something that is understated in most comics, but it’s incredibly important. The voice of his lead has been consistent, though we get new dimensions to David every issue, and that is key. David’s a smart ass, but he seems to have some underlying qualities that make him a likable character.

Think Tank #3 follows the lovable jerk as he attempts to break himself and his new lady friend out of a military compound. The comedic timing Hawkins possesses is on display yet again, and it provides a nice cover for the depth of emotion that is built into the story. Maybe more importantly, we see that the genius may actually be in love. Things seem to be going well but, as things often do for our protagonist, they lead into a bigger mess. The cliffhanger is pulled off well, and I would read the next issue right now if I could.

While there aren’t ridiculously innovative page layouts on display, it does not mean that Rahsan Ekedal isn’t continuing to give great work. Though, this isn’t a book that needs Sorrentino or Williams III’s structure. The story and art meld together very well. Ekedal has grown on me as an artist, and is one of the major draws to this book for me. He’s making things pop without color, and I really respect that. As you know by now, black and white doesn’t always do it for me, but when done right—I can’t say no.


This book is done right all around. Great writing, good characters, and the art lends itself very well to what Hawkins has envisioned. I welcome this book with open arms as it is a great break from the dark and twisted world that books have become. Definitely check this out if you haven’t already.

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