NYCC: Silent Hill Revelation 3D Director Talks Silent Hill 3 and Bioshock


At the Silent Hill Revelation 3D panel in the IGN theater director Michael J. Bassett said some interesting things about the basis for the new film and the future of the franchise as a whole.

Bassett, who was clearly a gamer, talked about his take on the Silent Hill game series.  The director stated he believed that survival horror originated with the first Silent Hill and also extolled the virtues of Akira Yamaoka and the way he melded music and sound design into one seamless entity.  Bassett also said he thinks that the third game, on which this movie is based, is the best of the series story wise and that he became very impressed with the depth of the mythology as he investigated the games more.  To show this, he tried to put easter eggs throughout the film that will excite fans of the game, and even took it to the extent of including frame by frame sequences from Silent Hill 3.  “We are fans, and you might not like what we do with it, but there are fans making it. ”

The director was also asked about the Seal of the Metartron, which features heavily in the third game, and whether it would lead to some of the more extreme things that have happened in the series becoming part of the movies. Bassett was a bit cagey when it came to this question, stating he wouldn’t say if there would be someone vomiting up a God, but that this is an adaptation of the Silent Hill 3 story and you’d just have to see on opening day. He did confirm that even though you might not see Silent Hill governing angel Valtiel, he would definitely be there in “spirit.”

When asked about what other games in the survival horror series he’d like to adapt, the director expressed an interest in telling new stories outside the games. He mentioned specifically the graphic novels and an interest in the sorted past of the town and its history as a prison colony.  He was clear in his love of the universe but that the games had told their tales well and that there are many other stories to tell in it.

The panel ended with some exclusive clips from the film which expanded a bit on Kit Harrington’s role as Vincent, Heather’s powers and featured a lot of Pyramid Head. The visuals look very strong and it appears that the film will be hewing quite closely to the style and feel of the game.

Bassett was also asked about the possibility of helming the Bioshock film to which he responded , “Hell Yeah, that would be fantastic”  but then quickly followed it up that you would have to “pry it out of Gore Verbinski’s cold dead hand.”

Silent Hill Revelation 3D opens on October 26, 2012.

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