NYCC 2012: Cullen Bunn and Deadpool Get Killistrated

It was announced at NYCC 2012 that Cullen Bunn would be writing a follow up to his highly controversial “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” entitled “Deadpool: Killistrated.” Starting in January, Bunn, featuring art from Matteo Lolli (which was announced on Newsarama this morning) will take Deadpool to places he’s never been before: classic literary tales. The catch? He isn’t going just to go, he’s going to kill.

In an interview with Newsarama Bunn had this to say about coming up with the idea: “I started considering the possibilities for a follow-up toDeadpool Kills the Marvel Universe somewhere along the lines, either while I was writing the final issues of the series or while I was watching artwork roll in. It wasn’t something I brought up to my editor, Jordan D. White, though. I thought we’d need to see what the response to the book was first. But initial orders for the first series were strong, and Jordan reached out to see if I had any thoughts on another series. We tossed some ideas back and forth, but it was the idea of Deadpool killing off the icons of classic literature that we believed would take readers by surprise. Some of the scenes I imagined early on, though, still appear in this series.”

But don’t think he’s just going to be jumping from book to book. No, according to Bunn, these classic stories are in fact another universe in the grand mulitverse. “All of the classic characters Deadpool encounters exist in a “pocket multiverse” called the Ideaverse. In this universe, all the stories of classic literature are playing out. Deadpool believes that this is a kind of “foundation” universe that serves as an inspirational nexus for all the Marvel characters. He thinks that if he kills these classic characters, he will kill the very inspiration that led to the development of the Marvel Universe. For example… Captain Ahab from Moby Dick? Well, he could very well be the inspiration for “Thunderbolt” Ross. By killing one, Deadpool ensures that the other ceases to exist.”

Since this is a direct sequel to “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe,” Deadpool is still in his twisted mindset that he was in all throughout the previous series. “He’s off his rocker. He’s a mass murderer who thinks he’s doing the right thing. He believes he’s freeing the people of the multiverse from the endless curse and cycle of continuity. He’s a dark reflection of the Deadpool we know and love. If anything, his sanity has frayed a little more since he started his quest. In the first few pages of the first issue, you’ll see just how shattered his mind has become.”

As a fan of “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” I’m excited to see him take on these classic stories. Judging by the cover of issue 1, we have a crazy miniseries to look forward to. “Deadpool: Killistrated” #1 (of 4) will be released in January.

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