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Writing by: Steve Niles

Art by: Menton3

Vampires versus robots. Steve Niles and Menton3. What else is there, really, to say here? Oh, yeah, this book is bad-ass. For real. ‘Blow holes in your brain’ artwork from Menton3. Terrifying, blood-soaked story from Steve Niles. This book has it all and it’s only issue #1.

This may very well be my shortest review ever because I simply can’t tell you to buy this book in a more clear way and I do not want to spoil a single bit of it for anyone. Ok, here’s a quick synopsis: The robots take over, hunt every living thing left on earth for food and while the scrappy remains of humans struggle to survive, vampires are also on a quest for life sustaining blood. See? I told you this book is bad-ass.

The art contained here is a slight departure in style from what you’ve seen previously from Menton3, but it’s just another variation of amazing, completely unique work. Steve Niles delivers as strongly as ever with a tight plot sprinkled with all manner of horrors and massacre. These two creators are a match made in hell and Transfusion will definitely be one of my top series of the year, one I will look forward to with jittery excitement.

Verdict: Buy this or forever regret your poor decision. Minimally, you will be well prepared for the brutal slaughter you’re sure to face when the robots and vampires go to war one day, leaving all of us humans empty husks of drained skin. BUY THIS BOOK!

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