The Road to NYCC: Signing?

Let's go over the list and see what we can do to help you, our beloved NYCC attendees, scope out the big names to get your swag signed!

NYCC LogoThe guest list for NYCC this year is epic. It couldn’t have Comic-Con attached to it’s name if it weren’t and this list is going to reflect a lot of the big talent in the industry for 2012. Let’s see what we can do to help you, our beloved NYCC attendees, scope out the big names to get your swag signed!

NYCC is bringing us all sorts of flavors from each corner of the industry, matter of fact every industry; TV, movies, comics and literature. Not only are the Big 2 bringing out their big guns but Image, Darkhorse, IDW and others are following up with their top talent to show off their very best productions. But what’s a guy, or gal, to do when faced with the impossible tasks of getting to Jim Lee and Brian K. Vaughn? Formidable goals but not impossible!

Often times their publications, DC or Image for example, provide their schedules for the show ahead of the first day and thus revealing the precious windows of opportunity. This is entirely more practical versus being handed the times at the start of each day. If you’re really on the ball, you can take their panel schedule and guestimate who might be a panelist to determine when guests won’t be at the booth signing.

Another precious tool is Twitter. Love it or hate it, this social tool is a lifesaver at conventions. Creators often tweet their personal schedules over the channel, so if you’re a fan that already follows desired talent your problems are neigh over. Now all that remains is surviving the lines!

Conventions are notrioius for being a game of lines. From ticketing to panels, lines will rule your life for a good 3 to 4 days but there are methods to navigate through the madness!Being early is the first and easiest tactic. Though always remember there are always others willing to come earlier so the next tactic is there is no such thing as early enough if the goal is your top priority. Another strong tactic, but less common, are line buddies. Usually 3 is the best number, though 2 is fine, to rotate waiting through horribly long lines.

Something else to consider waiting in line for signings, especially those horribly long lines, is the limiting items to carry in line. To save time, sometimes the rule to have no more than X items to be signed is enforced. Usually it’s 2, rarely have I seen more or less than that. Which brings the true strength of having line buddies in clear view. Say for example you have 2 buddies for a Jim Lee and Geoff Johns combination signing, which the line feeds to both of them at the same time. The limit is quickly enforced to 2 times. With a little arithmatic and some luck, you can disburse items among your group to help make sure everone gets covered.

Of course the sad truth is that all the planning and all the buddies in the world might not save you from some lines. Stuff happens, believe it and realize your best tactic is to remain flexible. If signing lines become too much you can always feel free to stroll Artists Ally to blow off some steam. You’d be amazed at who you’d find just sitting about. I got to preview a page of Justice League #2 a week before it come out because I struck up a conversation with Alex Sinclair, the colorist for the issue, sitting by his lonesome in the ally. Honestly that experience was the best one I had that convention, and it could have been lost to the signing I had been shut out of.

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