Talking Comics Announces iCollect

Talking Comics Announces iCollect

Written by Steve Seigh

Comic Book Wednesday seems to come up pretty fast when you’re an avid comic collector. And with each week that passes there are a number of wonderful books that get added to your collection each and every time you make that pilgrimage to your local comic shop. It’s been so great knowing that some of you have even joined us in showing off your Weekly Comic Book Hauls thanks to our ever growing Twitter account (@talkingcomics). But now it’s time to really show us your stuff, with a new featured column called: iCollect.

That’s right! We want to see the whole shebang! So organize all of your books, polish up your statues/toys, film collections, and virtually anything else comic or geek related that you can think of and show it off! And not only will we feature your collection on the site, but there will also be a fun Q & A to accompany the article where you’ll get to tell us all about your most prized items from said collection. Sounds like fun? Well, read below to find out exactly what you have to do to be featured in iCollect.

What We’ll Need From You:

Photos: The best way to represent your collection is with a set of photographs. This way you can subvert that annoying “Pics or it didn’t happen!” phrase that some people still can’t seem to let die a horrible death. Gather up your stuff, display them as creatively or as neatly as you like and send us some CLEAN photographs. The higher the resolution of the photos the better but you don’t have to go crazy. Just remember that you’re representing something you are hopefully very proud of and do the best you can.

The Interview: Once you’ve sent your photos to (Steve@TalkingComicBooks.com) and have expressed your desire to be featured in the column we will send you a short series of questions for you to answer in detail about your collection. After we’ve ironed out the details we will notify you as to when you will be featured on the site. Please have patience with this process as this is still a new feature and will inevitably need to be retooled as we move forward.

So, once more, the email you should send your inquires and pictures to is Steve@TalkingComicBooks.com. We look forward to seeing all of your great collections. And please, remember that it’s not about quantity but the quality of your collection that matters. Why are you passionate about the books you’ve collected? We want to know! This is your chance to show off! Do eeeet!

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