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What does being a ‘geek parent’ mean? You could say it means finding lots of cool, geeky things for your kid like Star Wars room decor, a Batman onesie, Portal pillows, dinosaur themed outfits and toys and other such goodies. It could mean rather than taking the name choosing process ‘so serious’, you’re having fun with geeky fantasy names like Tiberius or Robocop. My son’s middle was the product of  a chain of thoughts beginning with ‘cool Halloween movies’. (movies > Shaun of the Dead > Edgar (NO) > Simon (YES!))  Then there’s the all important question of what order to introduce your new prodigy to the Star Wars films? Are Ren & Stimpy or Invader Zim too crazy or violent to show them as a child? How young can I start them on comic books? So many imperative things to decide as a geek parent starts the process of molding a new baby in to a respectable nerdling.

Batman baby!

Mr Megan and I are soon to become first time parents and I’d like to point out the most glaring, and best, feature that sets us apart as ‘geek parents’. We have felt the undeniable need to question, research, learn about and  dismantle every step of the baby growing process so far. Isn’t that really what it’s all about, what makes us the dweeby ones in the crowd? The fact that we enjoy honing in on things with pinpoint accuracy and hard core commitment, whether it be pop culture, costume making, scientific ‘miracles’ or comic book heroes. When you stop being a regular person and you transform into a walking incubator, as I have, you are immediately pummeled with questions from family and friends, advice from strangers and confusion about what new skills and information you must teach yourself first. The world of baby growing and raising is humongous and intimidating, full of scary, fluffy, alien like baby tools, accessories, medical devices and risks.

In this column, I want to talk about everything that comes up in my adventure into parenthood as a ‘geek’. I’ll try to leave out the really gross stuff, but I make no promises. I will sometimes offer the viewpoint of Mr Megan as a counterpoint to mine, as we come from slightly different geek trees. I grow from the tree of comic books, literature, video games and mobile device addiction. His tree boasts video and audio production skills, the passion of a lifelong movie buff and a strict commitment to science. I plan to share with you awesome kid related finds that I think you will appreciate, medical discoveries I make along the way, social questions I find myself struggling with and general observations and experiences that I think might get a giggle or two.

First nursery artwork by Menton3

I’ve only got about a month left before my little geek arrives in this world, so the pregnancy related posts won’t last long. There’s nothing I love more than feedback from readers, so please leave a comment if you have any personal stories, opinions or suggestions for this column. You can also say hello to me on twitter and let me know if there’s something in particular you’d like me to cover!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this insane time in my life with my Talking Comics community. I shall leave you with my latest decision as a geek parent, to equip my baby’s nursery with a working turret, which will act as the perfect dog repellent.


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  1. kingster27

    Congratulations to both you and Mr. Megan! My wife and I are expecting our first child in February, and while her geek flag is not as firmly planted as mine, we both are looking forward to introducing our new baby to a whole world of awesome books, movies, games, etc.

    I look forward to your column, and wish you the best!

  2. Bob Reyer

    Firstly Melissa, my congratulations to you and the Mister on your soon-to-be “super-hero sidekick”, and my condolences for your also soon-to-be sleepless nights! The questioning nature you speak to will make you marvelous parents, and open up a world of wonder for your new son!

    I rarely comment on colleague’s work, but this was a beautiful introduction to what could be the beginning of a discussion on some of the most important, as well as heart-warming issues that “Talking Comics” will ever undertake.

    Kudos, Melissa!
    Bob Reyer
    ps) Ms. Megan, it’s never too early to have your son start reading comics, by the way!! rrr

  3. johnmoore32

    Congratulations to you and the Mister first of all. My wife and I, both being video game enthusiasts and comic enthusiasts have been asking alot of the same questions since our son was born. I have to tell you my son looked absolutely addorable in his when he could fit in it. Something my wife has kept in mind, and has to keep me in check is that he grows so quickly, try not to spend alot, it adds up. But have fun, my son has been introduced to Batman and a very,very kid friendly Joker. Have a wonderful time, and belive me, it’s an awesome experience, and we are just starting!

  4. RepStones

    What a lovely piece. As a two-time parent (youngest being 6 weeks) i can tell you ‘the fear’ (essentially of massive responsibility) soon subsides to an overwhelming sense of joy. i have two daughters and they really do become your best friends. Best friends that you have to feed, clothe and clean – which sound like a few of my normal adult best friends, but i digress. My wife and i are a mixed marriage, by that i mean i am a geek and she is most assuredly not. She does like Star Wars but what kid didn’t growing up? (show yourselves you freaks)
    My eldest will be turning 5 in November and this year i have started bringing her to my local comic store on a Wednesday where she is allowed to pick up a book for herself. My better half has tried to dissuade me from this as it means that Storytime that night takes longer as her new comic book must also be read.
    I can’t wait to hear the next installment from your adventure and tell Mr Megan that you kinda fall into fatherhood, all the self-help parenting advice books in the world won’t help. he’ll find his groove as im sure you will too.
    Best of luck and welcome to the no sleep club 😉

  5. Melissa Megan

    Everyone, thank you so much for the great feedback here! Especially Bob, as I know you don’t poke your head out to the interwebs often, I feel very flattered that you not only enjoyed my column, but that you felt so inclined to tell me.

    All of the encouragement and shared experiences from Talking Comics readers has given me the boost I needed to continue this column with less fear of it’s ‘place’ here on the site. I hope to keep this up as long as my new addition will allow me to, and I especially hope to stimulate more parenting discussions here. Thank you!!

    • Bob Reyer

      Melissa, I would have been remiss in not commenting on such a special piece of truly personal writing, and I’m honored that you find my opinion of value.

      Keep up the great work, here and at home!
      Best Wishes,

  6. speederice

    Awesome idea Melissa and congratulations!! Super excited to check out the ongoing column!! I’m still a ways away from thinking about geek parenting but I’m gonna live vicariously through your experiences to prepare myself for when it’s time to have my own little geek down the road. Looking forward to future installments, all the best to you and your family!

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