The Walking Dead #102 Review

The Walking Dead #102

Written by Robert Kirkman

Pencils, Ink, & Cover by Charlie Adlard

Gray Tones and Cover Colors by Cliff Rathburn

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

It goes without saying that The Walking Dead is most likely one of the most intense and heavy handed books on the shelves in today’s world of comics. The consequences of the groups actions and the threat of an enemy faction looking to wage war on the broken sanctuary Rick’s group has built has never been in more danger than it is at this point. Rick, feeling particularly defeated, is once again doubting his abilities to lead a group of particularly extraordinary people through the ever present zombie apocalypse that they face every day of their sad lives. With tensions heating up, and the need to make a decision that might change their fate once and for all, Rick is about to make a proclamation that may very well jeopardize the groups faith in his ability to keep them safe.

You wouldn’t think so but it’s actually quite difficult to write a review for The Walking Dead. There’s very little to complain about in regard to the execution of this series as the formula for great story telling has been on point for so many years already. With the exception of perhaps not liking where the story is headed or being left aghast by one of your favorite characters biting the dust (which is not actually a valid complaint, it’s just part of the story), the book receives the highest of marks nearly every month. The Walking Dead #102 is no exception to this trend.

Seeing as we’re at Part Six of the Something to Fear arc I would imagine that soon we will be wrapping this portion of the groups struggle will be coming to a bloody end rather soon. However, it begs the question of how can what’s left of Rick’s group fend off an army that could very well be numbered in the hundreds? And I think that’s kind of the point. There is still so much that we don’t know about Negan’s group of psychopaths and murderers. Or, I’ll do you one better, can we even trust the newest member of Rick’s group, Jesus? We hardly know him. What’s to say that he isn’t just laying low until the opportune moment arrives for him to unleash a greater hell on the group?  These are all questions that can only be answered in time and with more stellar issues of this pulse-pounding series. I say bring on the threat of Negan and his people and lets go to war!

VERDICT: If zombie apocalypses are your thing than there is no reason for you not to be reading The Walking Dead. However, the most important thing to remember about this series is that it’s not primarily about the zombies, it’s about the people. The Walking Dead at it’s core is about survival and the need for humanity to rise above the impossible and protect one another no matter the circumstances. Buy this book.

* This review was written while listening to the album Madness in Miniature by the band Mr. Gnome.


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