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Issue #48: DC New 52 Year In Review | Comic Book Podcast

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Just about a year ago, the DC New 52 sparked an idea in Bobby’s head. An idea that would later become Talking Comics and the Talking Comics podcast.
*sniff sniff*
Not that we’re trying to get all emotional on y’all. Or maybe we are.

Back on the ranch… this week’s show is dedicated to the DC New 52. Since, again, it started this adventure, it was fitting to bring things full circle with a recap of our year with DC’s little experiement.

Of course, in addition to the DC New 52 comics we talk about, we discuss some interesting news stuff, Stephanie regales us with stories of where she’s been for the past couple of weeks (hint: whatever she says is a lie… she’s REALLY working as the vigilante superhero known as Shenanigirl) and the gang tell us their Books of the Week. Some of those comics include Love and Capes, X-Factor, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Wonder Woman, Metal Men and Fantastic Four. I’ll let you figure out whose favourites were whose from that list.

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
Steve: @dead_anchoress
Stephanie: @hellocookie
And Bob’s email is

FYI: the gang have brand new avatars on Twitter, Facebook and they’ll be uploaded here to the Talking Comics site shortly. The crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd (a FANTASTIC artist who recently had her art featured in the back of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel #1). Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

The Comic Book Podcast is brought to you by Talking Comics (, a blog dedicated to covering the latest and greatest in comic book releases. The editorial staff is composed of Editor-in-Chief Bobby Shortle (Fanboy Remix, Doctor Whocast), Stephanie Cooke ( and Steve Seigh ( contributor) who weekly dissect the releases and give you, the consumer, a simple Roman yay or nay regarding them. Our Twitter handle is @TalkingComics and you can email us at Until next issue … to be continued!

One Response

  1. JD

    Great show looking back on the year that was the DC New 52. Much like Bobby and Steve, I wasn’t an avid reader of comics until I caught wind of the New 52. I had never been much of a DC reader before the relaunch and even now I’m only actively reading two books from DC monthly (which I love): Batman and Batgirl. I’ve only recently started collecting Batgirl and after some of the recommendations in this episode, I might jump onboard a few more DC titles with this #0 issue month.

    I am a little bit confused as to the purpose of this #0 issue month though. My initial understanding is that this is meant to be a jumping on point for new readers, however, having read Batgirl for the last few issues, I know that Batgirl #13 next month will be concluding an arc with a big reveal, so anyone that jumps now is going to have no idea what’s going on when they pick up next month’s conclusion. Batman on the other hand has just concluded its Night of the Owls, so this #0 issue seems perfect for new readers just before the storyline with The Joker starts. So are these #0 issues supposed to be jumping on points?

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