Rick Remender Brings Uncanny X-Force to a Close

In the back of our minds we all knew this was a possibility . We didn’t want it to be so, we told ourselves lies and just tried to ignore the signs being laid out at our feet. Today it was confirmed that all our denial was for nothing. Rick Remender announced today on Twitter that he will be leaving “Uncanny X-Force” at the conclusion of the Final Execution storyline which concludes in issue 35. “Yes, unfortunately my time on UXF is coming to an end. It’s like a friend told me, “Know when to get off the stage.” Lots of the UXF story threads I set up are moving to Uncanny Avengers. And the people involved in the series moving forward are ACES.” The 35th issue of UXF will also serve as the series finale for the series.

Remender will also be penning his final issue of “Secret Avengers” when issue 37 comes out. There was no indication given on whether “Secret Avengers” would be ending along with Remender’s final issue. There is always a possibility that the series will continue with a new team revealed shortly. “Yes, my SECRET AVENGERS ends at issue 37. But we still have the best to come in the finales of SA and UXF. We’re going out loudly on both.”

With Remender working on “Uncanny Avengers” and “Captain America” for the Marvel NOW! initiative it seemed pretty obvious that writing four books, three of which being team books, would be a lot on his plate. It will be sad to see this series go, it has been my favorite Marvel series since issue 1, but I’m excited to see where the last four issues take the series. Issue 31 comes out tomorrow so be sure to check it out, along with Remender’s new series after Marvel NOW! drops in November.


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