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Issue #46: Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

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This week on Talking Comics we substitute out Stephanie for Rob and bring you a show all about the Wall Crawler, the Web-Head, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! It’s Peter Parkers 50th anniversary and so we talk about why we love him, some of our favorite story arcs and even shed a few tears about our favorite moments. It isn’t all lovey dovey though as we talk all about the Rob Liefeld situation that occurred over the weekend.

Of course we also tackle our books of the week as Bobby talks about Doctor Manhattan and Brilliant. Steve gives some love to Adventure Time #7 and Ready Player One. Bob pledges his first Kickstarter with Molly Danger, showers love on Mark Waid’s Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom and joins the I Kill Giants love brigade.  Our special guest Rob keeps the Spider-Man love going with Amazing Spider-Man #692.

For those of you who listened to the show already, this is the Kickstarter Project that Bob mentioned.

Annnnnnnnnnd… we say it on the show, but just in case you missed it, the Talking Comics crew on Twitter are:

Bobby: @bobbyshortle
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Stephanie: @hellocookie
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FYI: the gang have brand new avatars on Twitter, Facebook and they’ll be uploaded here to the Talking Comics site shortly. The crew have gone all superhero on the world, thanks to the wonderful Hanie Mohd (a FANTASTIC artist who recently had her art featured in the back of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel #1). Like them? Make sure to follow her and let us know what you think of our new superhero pictures.

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2 Responses

  1. RepStones

    Great show as always guys. Yet again my wallet is gonna take a beating with all your Spider-man recommendations.

    On the Liefeld issue. I’ll admit i was a fan back in the 90’s when those juiced up torsos amazing weapons and extra pouches were all the rage. Tell me what kid didn’t love X-Force?
    But goddamn does that guy run his mouth. I know you defended him Bobby over the ‘Deadpool only gets D-list talent’ brouhaha, which i think he backtracked a little and claimed he wasn’t saying what many of us thought (he probably) was saying. He also defended Frank Millers awful and bigoted Holy Terror last year. Don’t get me wrong, ive no problem with people defending other people, but theres no excuse for that trash Miller put out last year.
    I get the impression from Liefeld that he is a bit of a loudmouth. The comics equivalent of a Jock (i think you call it) at the back of the school bus annoying everyone. I’d be interested to hear Mark Millar’s thoughts on this latest outburst against Snyder and Capullo, because he’s been a big supporter of Liefeld in the past. I noticed he was directing his ire toward Snyder and not Capullo – i think he’s seen the size of Capullo’s biceps 🙂

    Just to finiah ref my question about the Lee/Ditko co-creator argument.

    Ditko wasn’t happy with the letter Stan Lee put out. Specifically Stan’s use of the word ‘consider’ in ‘I consider him to be the co-creator.’ If you haven’t watched it, i highly recommend Jonathon Ross’ documentary In Search of Steve Ditko.

    Youtube link here

    If you go to 44:45 its the part where Stan is being interviewed and it becomes quite clear that Stan doesn’t feel he should share it.

    “I really think the guy who dreams the thing up created it. You dream it up and give it to anybody to draw it.”

    So i don’t think i was wrong to use the word ‘grudgingly’ in my question 😉

  2. RepStones

    Above it reads as if im saying Bobby defended Frank Miller, of course I’m talking about Liefeld. An edit button would be great, though proof reading would probably be easier 🙂

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