The Walking Dead #101 Review

The Walking Dead #101

Written by Robert Kirkman

Penciler, Inker, and cover by Charlie Adlard

Gray Tones, Cover Colors by Cliff Rathburn

Reviewed by Steve Seigh

It’s difficult to imagine what would keep hope alive if you were on the zombie ridden road for as long as Rick and the rest of his group from The Walking Dead #101 have been. I don’t think that I’ve ever personally read a comic book about a group of people who have endured as much tragedy as these characters have.  They’re just people trying to keep their sanity and survive at all costs, if only for just one more day. But why? Why not give up? Why not end it all and attempt to rejoin your loved ones in what’s your own idea of a perfect afterlife? Surely that’s easier than watching the closest person to you get their brains bashed in by a psychotic holding a barbed-wire bat, or perpetually sleeping with one eye open, fearing that infectious zombies could burst in at any moment. The thing about life, and people in general, is that the majority of them believe in hope. For what is continually a wavering emotion of our species it certainly has gotten people through some pretty life altering events … even a zombie apocalypse. 

After the shocking and sad events of issue #100 of The Walking Dead it’s time for Rick and his friends to regroup and figure out what their next step is. Like so many of the issues that have come before this one, we’re treated to some really great character moments. A relationship that I have always enjoyed since the start of The Walking Dead has been the pairing of Sophia and Carl. Seeing the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of these two children as been one of the more unique perspectives visited throughout the series. And it’s in this issue that both Sophia and Carl are indeed growing up. The harsh conditions of their world have stolen their innocence and left them to scrape inside of a living hell that no young person should ever have to suffer. None of that is ever more real than it is now with issue #101.

The Walking Dead is going to be around for a very long time, and to think that I’ve never experienced a dip in its quality astounds me.  The marriage talents on this book are in complete harmony with one another and there is still so much more to go. How much longer will Rick and his group be on the road? Will they ever find a place secure enough so that they can relax once and for all? Who else will the lose? How many more lives much be wiped from a decaying society until it’s safe to walk the broken streets? The only way to know the answers to these questions is to trust Rick and hope that his leadership will see us through another night. So pull your blanket up over your head, keep your gun underneath your pillow, and ignore the moans of the dead right outside your window. 


If you’re reading The Walking Dead already then I’m fairly certain that you’re on board for the long haul. If you’re not than I suggest that you purchase The Walking Dead compendiums and trades and get to work. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you’re able to catch up because it’s just so damn addicting. You could jump on from this point but in order to feel the entire emotional weight of the series you’re going to have to go back.

* This review was written while listening to the album: Team Sleep by the band Team Sleep.

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