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Nightwing #12 Review

Nightwing #12 Review

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Andres Guinaldo

Review by David Short

Nightwing has been on a streak of bad luck lately. Since the New 52, Dick has had quite a few people and two criminal organizations try to kill him. The latest arc comes to a close and we wrap up our dealings with the Republic of Tomorrow. Nightwing #12 is a solid issue. It isn’t huge in scope, but it ties things up pretty well. Our hero is able to wrap up all loose ends from the arc, some of which date back to the second issue of the book.

It’s a packed issue in terms of dialogue. We all know the villains in Batman’s world love to talk, and boy does Paragon preach. Even to the point that Nightwing himself says something about it. It got a bit annoying by the end, but having Dick throw in his quip during the fight is pretty hilarious. I don’t think this arc is as good as the first, but it did enough to keep me interested in what will happen with Nightwing moving forward.

One of the bigger developments in Nightwing has been Dick’s passion project. Will it or won’t it be funded? Issue 12 continues down that road, and I believe that is the plot line that will be most intriguing moving forward. It opens up some fun possibilities with the upcoming “Death of the Family” tie in, and I can’t wait to see it. Of course, I could be wrong and Higgins could go a completely different route with it. But if you’re following the series I think you know how awesome it would be to bring the Joker into Dick’s new venue.

Andres Guinaldo seems to fit Nightwing pretty well. He has a dark color palette, and is very detailed in his work. The acrobatics and aerial display is always on point, and when he is focusing on Dick he is able to impart humility and confidence at the same time. Nightwing is a tough thing to get right, but Guinaldo is giving me little to thumb my nose at.


I wouldn’t jump on with this issue if you haven’t been following. Next month’s zero issue would be a better place to do that. But if you are following Nightwing then you know what to expect. It’s got heart, Dick is funny, and Higgins seems to be moving toward something worth reading. Also, only two notes from the editor in Nightwing #12, so we are making progress!

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